Monday, September 8, 2008



Seems like yesterday she was a tiny little baby.  Now she's
14.  We spent some time together yesterday looking through pictures
from the day she was born.  So cute.  So sweet.  Then
she said, "See mom, I've always stuck my tongue out at you!"  Why
yes, honey, yes, you have. 

All in all, her birthday was
great!  We had a family party at Galaxy Diner on Friday night &
she had these three girls over for a sleepover on Saturday. 
That's Kendall, Leah, Kelsey, & Sarah.  Why do they call it a
sleepover?  They don't sleep.  Although we were lucky this
time & they crashed around 2 am only to be woken up at 6 am by a boy
from school (texting, you know).  All bright & chipper, ready
for the day.  But this morning, after 9 hours of sleep I get, "I'm
so tired!  Can't I miss school today & sleep?  Why do I
have to go to school?  You're so mean!"  Ahhhh, the sweet joys
of parenthood.

Here's a little funny note:  When Kelsey got
to my house & saw my camera she told Sarah (who I'd not met before)
"this is Kendall's mom.  She takes a lot of pictures.  She's
like a professional or something.  So you gotta make sure you


I know, but they were SO full of energy...couldn't sit still.  How
did I get Kendall to willingly let me take her photo?  Told her
she had to pay me $1 for every photo she messed up.  Hit her where
it hurts I say!


  1. Thought of you this morning! Enjoy your Monday "off!"

  2. Love these photos and Kelsey comment to Sarah was spot on!