Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boo! part 2

So you were probably wondering what on earth I was going to do with
that big 'ol skull from Boo! part 1.  Well, I'm here to tell you,
he's equally as cool!


This dude I decided to glitter with Hot Lava Art Institute
Glitter.  And I used their glue, because I think it's the best for
most situations (foiling & acrylic are not most situations,


Covering this dude is a bit different than the foil dude. 
You have to work in small sections.  Paint on the glue in a nice
even coat in about 2x2 sections, stop & apply glitter & shake it
about like you're flouring a baking pan.  Then move on to the next
section.  Relax & repeat.

How do I glitter without
making a huge mess?  Well, I DO make a mess.  BUT I pour my
glitter from the tub it comes in & put it into a Glad Ware container
that will forevermore be for glitter.  Then I spoon the glitter
over the glued areas.  Any glitter than lands elsewhere will end up
back in the new Glad Ware container.  The rest will be sprinkled
on my face & clothes for all eternity.  But at least I'll


Frickin' cool, isn't he?


  1. LOVE the glitter - and of course - the step by step photos.