Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boo! part 1

I know.  Halloween is a full month and a half away.  But I couldn't help making some super cute skulls...

First, I started with skulls I found at Michael's..they were ivory
& black.  And my trusty assistant, Stacey, painted them black
with acrylic paint. 

I decided to foil one of the smaller
ones using a Bare Elements Foiling Kit (15 bucks for the adhesive & 8
or so sheets of foil...very cool!)


First you paint the glue on with a paint brush.  Now, this
isn't just any glue.  This stuff is STICKY, STICKY, STICKY...more
so when it "drys".  The package says you can apply it with your
fingers, but then your fingers will just be STICKY.  Ugh.  A
paint brush is WAY better.


Cover the whole thing with the STICKY glue....and set it aside
to dry (my "work surface" happens to be a page protector on my coffee
table...probably not the best choice).


It has to "dry" completely...see those little white spots? 
Try to foil them and you'll just be unhappy...have patience, wait for it
to "dry" completely.


start laying the foil on the skull, right side up, and press with your
finger.  All over it...cover all the STICKY glue...make sure to use
a fresh spot of foil before sticking it to the skull...the used part
will just cause problems...learn from my mistakes...actually, I'd
probably cut the foil into smaller pieces...that would have made life
MUCH easier...anyway...


Cool, isn't it?


I think I may be in love...holy cow is he cute!

Check back later today for Boo! part 2...and boy is he cute, too!

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  1. Love the photos of the step by step process. Great idea - hope to see more of this!