Monday, September 29, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post.....

while I have lots of things to post about & tell you about...lots
of photos of an enormously fun Scrap Pink...& many other fun
things, I need to take a brief pause in blogging for a couple of
days.  You see, my father in law passed away quite
unexpectedly this weekend & we are in Yuma taking care of
things.  Thanks for understanding...I'll be back to posting in no
time flat!

PS:  The store is being expertly run by my super capable stop by & tell them hi!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Scrap Pink Raffle


NOTE:  I'm going to keep moving this to the top of the page
as we get donations.  Check the posts below for new ones...there's a

Scrap Pink is just around the corner & we're starting our raffle now!  All of
the proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Fund. Drawing will be held at 3 pm on Sunday, September 28th. 

To buy a ticket you can:  come by the store, call the store
928-526-9292 or send us a check (written to About Memories &
More).  Tickets are $5 each or $5 for $20. 

We have prizes from:

QuicKutz:  a revolution, extra long platform & border die (valued at $165!)


Sedona Scrapbooking Retreats:  a FREE retreat (valued at $395!) & a free tote bag


h. abode:  LOTS of great prizes, totaling over several hundred dollars!  Thanks Kelly!


Bagolitas:  TONS of bags!  Oh my gosh! (be sure to search for consultant Kelly Miller!)


Holly Kleindienst:  Her husband made an beautiful cutting board that you're sure to love!  Thanks Holly!


Mindy Fisher:  Stampin' Up Gift Bag


Monique Miller:  Gift Certificate for a FREE Haircut (Head First)


Glitz Design:  Lots of GREAT prizes!

DSC_0473  DSC_0475  DSC_0474  DSC_0470  DSC_0472

Do you have a prize you'd like to donate?  We'll gladly add you
to our list of "sponsors"!  We'd love gift certificates for
services (haircuts, massages, manicures...just to name a few) or maybe
you sell a really great product (like cheesecake, yum!).  Whatever
the goodie, we'd love to include you in the raffle!  Just email me
by Tuesday, 9/23 and let me know what you'd like to donate & we'll
add you to the list! 

I have to say, I wish I were winning some of these prizes!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cute Baby Shower Ideas

This weekend my sister in law, Barbara, & her daughter, Becky,
hosted a baby shower for Barbara's daughter in law, Heather.  They
did a SPLENDID job!  The food was amazing!  The favors were
amazing!  There was even a diaper cake...haven't seen one of those
in so long!


Barbara, Shannon (she's married to Barbara's son), Heather (she's
married to Barbara's other son, Chris), and Becky.  

Heather is having a little girl....and she HATES pink.  So here's what Barbara & Becky designed:


Heather's son, Ryan, LOVED the "cut cakes"



are little plastic cups, wrapped with felt "diapers" and filled with
chocolate & strawberry Whopper's candies.  Little cups o' cute!




Shannon made the best salad EVER.  I love salad...but only salad I didn't have to make...and this one was exceptional!


This punch Becky made was delightful!  Cherry 7 Up with sherbert ice cream on top.  Loved it!

Wednesday Sale 9/24/08

This Wednesday, take 25% off all 8 1/2 x 11 and 6x6 scrapbooks! 
There are tons to choose from!  6x6 is the perfect gift size you can complete from start to finish in just a few short
hours.  And 8 1/2x11 books are perfect for those smaller pages, or
even to organize your desk!  They're beautifully won't
be disappointed!

*sale is valid Wednesday, 9/24/08 only and cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Beanpod Candles have arrived!

The fall scents are here!  Imagine if you will, warm nut bread,
hot apple cider, toasted hazelnuts, oatmeal cookie, sugar cookie,
holiday memories....yummm!   Now you can purchase them in 4.5
ounce, 8 ounce & 16 ounce jars.  They're perfect for gifts, but
really, I think you'll want to keep them to your very self!

The store just smells heavenly!  And did you know that Beanpod
Candles are made from soy wax?  They contain absolutely NO
petroleum products.  They burn clean...none of that nasty ghosting
on your walls.  So far, they're the best candles we've found!

Glitz Girls


The Glitz Design Girls
(Ginger, Laura, & Erin) were here this past Saturday.  It was
SO much fun!  We can't wait to have them again (February or
March).  They taught 3 great classes...gave away lots of
product...and really, just had a great time!  Check out their post about their time in Flagstaff here.




All I gotta say is FUN!  Thanks again Glitz Design!

Monday, September 22, 2008

September Page Contest

Here are the entries for the September Page Contest!  Be sure to
stop by before the end of the month to vote for your favorite
page!  Next month's theme:  Halloween.




Friday, September 19, 2008

The funniest thing...

Like you, I have a pretty set morning routine.  I do everything
in the same order...everyday.  It ends with me spraying my hair
with hairspray...I won't bore you with the other details...and lately,
it ends with kicking my dogs out of my bedroom & shutting the
bedroom door.  See, that cute little Westie, Mia, of mine has a
tendency to pee on my bedroom floor...NOT what you want to come home
to.  So I started shutting them out.  I always have to roust
Maggie (the mutt) out of a sound sleep & she slinks into the living
room, like "how dare she interrupt my nap".  Well, the past several
mornings, when Maggie hears me spray my hairspray she's been coming to
the bathroom door...without being asked....just comes & waits. 
SO funny!  First time I thought it was a fluke...but then it kept I can't train her not to lunge on her leash, but I can
train her to leave my bedroom when I spray hairspray...go figure!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New White Out From We R Memory Keepers


Its here!  And we couldn't be more thrilled!  You'll
love the coordinating paper...chipboard embellishments...rub on's! 
So very cute!

Here's a scrappin' tip for you:  have a
project you need done in a hurry?  Use a line that has been
pre-coordinated for you!  For instance, if I needed to make an 8x8
album in a hurry, I'd pick 3 or 4 patterns from a single line that
compliment each other & then 3 or 4 solid cardstocks (with the white
out line, you should check out the backs of the papers for their
distressed solids) & some embellishments from that line.  I lay
them all out in front of me, with the paper pre-cut to 8x8 in a pile,
the scraps in a pile & the embellishments in a pile.  Then I
make it my mission to use every single piece of paper &
embellishment & have little to no waste when I'm done.  Works
like a charm!  Just ask Marsha M.  She didn't think she'd like
scrapbooking & tried this formula & now she's addicted! 
Makes for FAST & EASY projects!

(As always, if you need more
of an explanation, shoot me an email or stop by.  I'll be happy to
help you pick the supplies for your project that will make you smile!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New From Fiskars


Direct from the mouths of Fiskar's....

Fiskars has a rockin' new tool, and it's called the Rock, Paper,
. This is a trimmer like no other- speakers for your MP3 player
are built right into it! We took one of these new trimmers and passed
it around to some of the fiskars design team to see what they could
make using this trimmer. Fiskars 45mm rotary blades (that work in other
45mm trimmers and rotary fabric cutters) work in this trimmer, just
another great feature it has to offer. Some other wonderful things
about the trimmer's features are-

Music related features:
* Universal connector
plug fits into any headphone jack – allows you to play music from any
portable music player (MP3, CD, Tape) or even laptop computer
* Built-in speakers powered by your MP3 player – no need for batteries or outlets
* Softgrip cradle for MP3 player – protects and holds your MP3 player while trimming

 Cutting related features:
* Softgrip blade carriage – comfortable right or left handed use
* Paper grip under the guide rail keeps paper from moving while trimming – fewer mistakes in cutting
* Replaceable 4-sided cutting strip – protects blades and prolongs sharpness
* 45mm rotary blade format – several different decorative blades are available for unique cutting edge designs

These will be amazing holiday presents for anyone on your list!  We have a couple in stock...come check them out!

Design Your Life

I've been seriously considering taking the Design Your Life class with Cathy Zielske over at Big Picture Scrapbooking for quite some time.  This morning I was visiting Cathy's blog and was reminded again, that yes,
I want to take this class.  I just LOVE her!  So witty. 
So fun.  So I signed up.  It's 12 weeks long...October 2nd
thru December 25th...and I can't wait!  12 weeks of classes for only $99?  What a deal! 

if you decide to sign up, I'll be making sure to stock the American
Crafts Modern Albums & pages that she's asking us to use. 

New From KI Memories


Ok.  These are COOL!  They're acetate...thicker than
transparency...not a thick as acrylic...very flexible...very FUN! 
Use them as a place mat (not kidding!), cut 'em up to make a mini book,
use them in your scrapbook, or make cards with them.  They're super


Cute holiday paper, too!  the presents are printed on shimmer
paper...the trees might be, too...can't remember, sorry!  It's not
too early to start on your holiday cards!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boo! part 2

So you were probably wondering what on earth I was going to do with
that big 'ol skull from Boo! part 1.  Well, I'm here to tell you,
he's equally as cool!


This dude I decided to glitter with Hot Lava Art Institute
Glitter.  And I used their glue, because I think it's the best for
most situations (foiling & acrylic are not most situations,


Covering this dude is a bit different than the foil dude. 
You have to work in small sections.  Paint on the glue in a nice
even coat in about 2x2 sections, stop & apply glitter & shake it
about like you're flouring a baking pan.  Then move on to the next
section.  Relax & repeat.

How do I glitter without
making a huge mess?  Well, I DO make a mess.  BUT I pour my
glitter from the tub it comes in & put it into a Glad Ware container
that will forevermore be for glitter.  Then I spoon the glitter
over the glued areas.  Any glitter than lands elsewhere will end up
back in the new Glad Ware container.  The rest will be sprinkled
on my face & clothes for all eternity.  But at least I'll


Frickin' cool, isn't he?

Boo! part 1

I know.  Halloween is a full month and a half away.  But I couldn't help making some super cute skulls...

First, I started with skulls I found at Michael's..they were ivory
& black.  And my trusty assistant, Stacey, painted them black
with acrylic paint. 

I decided to foil one of the smaller
ones using a Bare Elements Foiling Kit (15 bucks for the adhesive & 8
or so sheets of foil...very cool!)


First you paint the glue on with a paint brush.  Now, this
isn't just any glue.  This stuff is STICKY, STICKY, STICKY...more
so when it "drys".  The package says you can apply it with your
fingers, but then your fingers will just be STICKY.  Ugh.  A
paint brush is WAY better.


Cover the whole thing with the STICKY glue....and set it aside
to dry (my "work surface" happens to be a page protector on my coffee
table...probably not the best choice).


It has to "dry" completely...see those little white spots? 
Try to foil them and you'll just be unhappy...have patience, wait for it
to "dry" completely.


start laying the foil on the skull, right side up, and press with your
finger.  All over it...cover all the STICKY glue...make sure to use
a fresh spot of foil before sticking it to the skull...the used part
will just cause problems...learn from my mistakes...actually, I'd
probably cut the foil into smaller pieces...that would have made life
MUCH easier...anyway...


Cool, isn't it?


I think I may be in love...holy cow is he cute!

Check back later today for Boo! part 2...and boy is he cute, too!