Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend Happenings & Upcoming Fun Stuff!

What a crazy weekend!  I finished up my photography class, which is bittersweet. I really enjoyed my class. And Karen Russell is an amazing teacher!  My people
photography has improved greatly.  Taking photos of stuff at the
store?  Not so much.  But bear with me, I'll get it
down!  Anyway, I've talked to Karen Russell & we're setting up a
time for her to come teach an all day photography workshop at the
store.  February, I think.  It's for those of you with digital
SLR cameras.  I'll post the specifics as soon as it's
cemented...let me know if you're interested & I'll start a
list.  I can't tell you how exciting this is!  She is just
amazing!  Wouldn't have been able to get this shot without her


On Saturday, Audra & I hosted a "Favorite Things"
party.  Each person chose 5 of their favorite things & put them
in 10 bags to give to each other (so, 10 of each item).  It was so
fun!  We got the most amazing & random things!  I gave my
favorite book "A Knight in Shining Armor", one of my favorite movies
"Always", an Honest Foods Energy Bar, Mr. Kernel Nacho Cheddar popcorn
seasoning, and a Corona Light with a lime.  I can't wait to do it
again!  We have tons of photos to make a fun mini book with, too!

And here's the Hunter Dog having a little ice cream treat...

It's blurry, but I LOVE this picture of Kendall & Lyn

Great pictures of Kendall & Audra, too!

Friday night was the release party for the final book in the
Twilight series, Breaking Dawn.  Kendall & I went to Barnes
& Noble with Jeannie (who introduced us to the books) at 10
pm.  We answered a few trivia questions..Kendall dressed up (it was
a vampire prom).  She didn't want to get crazy, and there were
some crazy kids there!  But she looked really pretty.  I
didn't bring my camera...sigh...I was trying to avoid a fight...I
actually picked it up & then sat it right back down.  When I
made a comment in the car that I had "forgot" it, Kendall said, "that's
ok mom, Jeannie always has a camera".  And yes, yes she did. 
Thanks, Jeannie!

Off to a super busy day at the store.  We just got in
boxes & boxes of fun new things from Making Memories, Karen Foster
Designs, Imaginesce, & a many others.  I can't wait for you to
see them!  This buying trip was one of the best offerings

Almost forgot to tell you...we're lining up some fun teachers for the fall calendar:  the girls from Glitz Designs
are coming to teach a couple of classes September 20th (30 cards in 2
hours & either a scrapbook page class or a canvas wall art
class...what do you think?  Which would you rather take?). 
then there's Lance from Rusty Pickle and the last Saturday in October we
have the Lifted book author coming for a book signing.  Plus,
there's Scrap Pink in September...and a Customer Appreciation Party in
November....the list just goes on & on!  What would you like to
see?  Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at 


  1. The picture of Kendall with the book at B&N - she looks so grownup - sigh
    Canvas Wall Art please!
    Add my name to the list for Karen's class - off to look at cameras!

  2. Please let me know if you have any Karen Russell class- photography or scrapbooking.