Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little giveaway...

Congratulations,  to kimbrygc!  You were chosen
by as the winner of our Bo Bunny giveaway.  Email me
& we'll make arrangements for you to pick up your packet. Thanks
everyone for posting!  Great ideas out there!  If you'd like
to see what people had to say, just click on the comments under this

Oh, yeah, I promised to post my favorite scrapbook
inspiration...well, it has to be you all!   I see the most
beautiful photos & the most beautiful pages every single day. 
Your stories inspire me.  Whether they're happy or they're sad...I
am thrilled to see how YOU preserve your memories.  When you come
& show them to me I am just so proud of you all!  And happy
you chose to share with me, too!  You gals are AMAZING! 
If I had to pick a publication I like, right now it's Page Maps. 
There are TONS of brilliant page ideas in that book, just TONS! 
But Ali Edwards will be dear to me always.  Her Life Artist book
changed the way I think about scrapbooking & my life, truth be told,
in the most postitive of ways! 

Have a lovely day!

I'm in the mood to be givin' somethin' away.  How about some new Bo Bunny My Darling papers?  Isn't this just darling paper...I know, cheesy , but it's very cute paper!
12MDC727mydarlingfolded-100x100 12MD208mydarling-100x100 12MDA253mydarlingbella-100x100 12MDB215mydarlingblooms-100x100 12MDC246mydarlingclementine-100x100 12MDD222mydarlingdots-100x100
One sheet of each to the randomly drawn person who answers this question:

What is your favorite source of scrapbook inspiration? 

Post the name of the specific publication, person or website in
your comments.  Winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, August
18th at noon.  Now don't be afraid to comment.  It's really
easy!  Promise!  All you gotta do is click on the comment
button under this post & leave a comment.  Your email address
won't show, it just lets me contact you a little easier when you
win!  (Just one comment per person, please)  You never know
what you might find when you click on the comments.  Could be the
little nugget of gold you've been searching for all along!  And
when I post the winner, I'll tell you what my favorite inspiration is!

Ta-ta for now.  Sherry & I are off on a scrapbooking
adventure in Payson, AZ called The Chocolate Retreat.  It's put on
by Paper Metal Scrappers
I met one of the owners a few weeks ago & she invited us to come
along for the ride.  We're SO excited!    I emailed
Sherry to make sure we're not eatin' clean this weekend.  Would be
entirely too difficult while surrounded by chocolate & cute rodeo
cowboys...oops...did I just say that?  It is rodeo weekend down there after all.  Come on, who doesn't like to check out a cute cowboy now & again?


  1. Probably Ali Edwards. She's good at documenting everyday life and
    doesn't always have to use the latest products.

  2. Same here - Ali Edwards - blog, books, column in Creating Keepsakes. I
    check her blog and yours most days. To be different though, I'll also
    add Jennifer McGuire. Like her ideas for multiple uses for supplies in
    her CK column.
    Have a blast on your weekend away!

  3. The wall at AM&M and Creating Keepsakes magazine.

  4. Advertisements and brochures have great layouts and color schemes. If
    I'm doing a layout for a vacation I often find myself imitating the
    colors and style used in the publicity for the place.

  5. Sherri, for all of her Fast & Easy Layouts. Its the only time I
    really get motivated to scrap anymore :-(

  6. I would definitely have to say this website and Design Mom. I love your
    website, for fun ideas and class pictures that make me "oohh and aahh"
    and realize it is time to scrap again (and stop being lazy). And even
    though no kids yet I have really enjoyed seeing some of the great ideas
    on Design Mom's website.

  7. Creating Keepsakes magazine and Scrapbooks Etc are where I get most of
    my inspiration. Sometimes I don't even like enough things to scraplift a
    layout but flipping through I always see something I've been meaning to
    try and that gets me going.

  8. Best of Becky Higgins Sketches for Scrapbooking. Sherri suggested it. I
    think I'm really going to like this Page Maps book, too.

  9. wow1 so many i love! honestly - I love the walls at amm - everyone is
    so talented and it gives me so many ideas! Sherry - I, love her work
    and what would i do without Andi!! Okay.. so who else. I love the
    close to my heart chat rooms for many ideas on both cards and pages.
    Everyone has such opinions and ideas - it is great!!! Ali Edward and
    Lisa Bearnson, how could one NOT love their books and all the great
    ideas they have besides their blogs! Heidi Swapp is so unique, LOVE her
    products and pages. She is so out of the box for me and I like that for
    a challenge. Even though it is a little wild for me but does give me
    great ideas is Elsie Flanagan. Creating keepsakes and Paper Crafts are
    my tools of resources. so much to say... sorry :)

  10. Simple Scrapbooks Magazine and my mother-in-law are my two favorite
    sources of inspiration for my scapbook. When I don't have a lot of time
    for my scrapbooking Simple Scrapbooks Magazine provides great simple and
    easy page ideas that help me get more pages done at one time. However,
    the tips and tricks I have learned from my mother-in-law have been so
    amazing she makes so many amazing bold statements on her pages that I
    just love!

  11. Would have to go with Creating Keepsakes. I used to save every magazine,
    but am trying to make life a little more simple now, so only tearing
    out pages of layouts I like. Someday I will actually have them
    organized enough to use!

  12. I really enjoy Scrapbooks Etc. and Creating Keepsakes magazines. I also
    find alot of inspiration in the many, many blogs I browse!

  13. I would have to say the scrapbook pages at the store (About Memories and
    More)that are on display, and when I attend midnight madness or crops,
    seeing everyone elses pages.

  14. I would agree with all the pages on display at the store and seeing
    everyone elses pages during midnight madness and all day crop. Since I
    am just starting out, I totally appreciate all the help and suggestions
    Kirsten,Sherry and others give me also.