Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer for Kendall.  Seems like it was
over just when we had gotten a rhythm.  So today I surprised her
& took the afternoon off from work...doesn't happen often...needs to
happen more.  I took her to the mall, where we had
pedicure's...Kendall's first...and she got these cute little flowers put
on her toes...then we had lunch, did some school a
killer deal on fake "etnies" shoes at Wal-Mart of all places (and CHEAP,
too!)...then we came home & dyed our hair pink.  Yes,
pink.  We tried purple on Sunday & it didn't take.  So I
went back to our old stand by, L'Oreal Color Rays Fuschia Flash.

I use it because it's for dark hair, and somewhere around age 38 my
hair turned dark...I just kept it light...maybe it was more like
28?  Who knows.  Anyway, it works.  So I dyed Kendall's
bangs, which this dye causes to be HOT pink on lighter hair (she's
thrilled) & I thought I was being clever & was just going to do a
little triangle by my bangs.  Not so great...I'm a much better
scrapbooker than hair dresser, that's for sure.  So I dyed all of
my bangs pink.  I'm not lovin' it so much.  In the past with
the funky color, I've loved it.  But this time, not so much. 
Kendall on the other hand loves it (mine & hers).  So I'll keep
it for a bit to entertain her...but I have a box of plain 'ole brown
waiting under the bathroom sink with my name on it.

In the spirit
of fun, I thought I'd show you my new hair...but how to do a self
portrait?  Found Photo Booth on my iMac & proceeded to have
some fun.  Here are the results (who knew it could be so cool!),
but don't judge, cuz I just dyed my hair twice & look like
crap.  Here goes...
Photo 3

This is the normal Photo Booth in my basement
isn't so good so you can't really see the color, but trust me, it's
really PINK.
 Photo 4
Who knew Photo Booth had these cool settings!  This one is called Glow.  Love it!
Photo 5

But this one, is my FAVORITE.  It's called Thermal Imaging.  I'm surprised I'm not all red....

none of those really show my new pink hair, but aren't they cool? 
I can see a whole slew of possibilities for a scrapbook of
the settings is called Pop Art & it's like an Andy Warhol, I'll just show you...
Photo 7

and then there are settings that will put your photo on a beach,
on a mountain, wherever.  Very cool.  I'm still ignorant of
all that my iMac can do, but this makes me want to explore a little

Tonight Kendall made this:

Betty Crocker Complete Desserts Triple Chocolate Hot Fudge
Cake.  We picked it up at Wal-Mart (along with the shoes...should
have left it on the shelf).  It is beyond good.  It is
FANTASTIC!  I've walked by the pan at least five times & just
had a little taste (in addition to my bowl of the heavenly
creation).  I'm sure my husband doesn't want to know that I was
licking it off the knife.  Problem is, I'm supposed to be eating
clean (whole, unprocessed, healthy fruits & vegetables, grains &
protein).  This dessert is gonna be a problem for me.  It's
light, fluffy & has ooey gooey chocolate on top &
I'm drooling again.  It's now my favorite dessert.  So once
again clean eating begins...tomorrow.  And I had 2 good days under
my belt, too.  Dang.

P.S. Trying to balance out the pink
bangs so I'm adding more pink towards the back...Kendall told me I
should dye my whole head, I'm not that brave.

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  1. Those are cool photo effects. And with two birthdays in a week, clean eating is nowhere in sight around here!!!