Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just around the bend

School is just about here...just 2 more days!  Many of you will
find yourself with more time on your hands...and if not more time, maybe
a chance to breathe...As much as we love our families, their energy
& demands can cut into the things we want to do.  So after you
sit back, have a cup of coffee, and relax a bit, give some thought to
what you'd like to accomplish while the kids are in school.  Are
you ready to tackle your scrapbook again?  Maybe work on those
Disney photos that you didn't get around to?  Or maybe even just
getting your photos developed is enough.  Whatever you decide, make
a date with yourself & keep it.  Don't stand yourself
up.  Why not come to the store after you drop the kids off for an
hour or two to work on that project?  It's free.  We'll help
you if you want, and won't if you don't want us to.  And it's
pretty peaceful in here in the morning.  Oh, and there's a sweet
little coffee shop down the way from us that makes a killer cinnamon

We'd love to be your partner in helping you accomplish those projects
you haven't gotten around to, well, because life just keeps on
happening.  We have easy suggestions for getting the photos in
albums, because truly, you don't have to scrapbook every last
photo.  I promise.  Getting them out of the box & out of
the computer are what's important.  And maybe you don't have to go
back 30 years.  Maybe you could start with the photos you took last
weekend & just move forward.  No looking back.  Keeping
current & in the moment.  I am very guilty of an all or nothing
mentality.  And in the past year, I've had to take a good hard
look at what really matters.  For me, I want to have my photos in
albums.  I want to scrapbook the good photos...not the 150 I took
at Kendall's sleepover...just 2 or 3 of them.  The others? 
Well, I want them right there in the book, too, but photo pages are
perfectly fine.  Actually, they're amazing & have turned my
scrapbooking around.  Truly.  But I'm sure you all know that.

Just know that we are a resouce...someone here to help you accomplish your goals...or even help you set them. 

And to all you homeschoolers, I realize that school being in means
you have even less time.  Maybe it would be fun to let your kids
help you scrapbook...incorporate it into a lesson plan.  Honestly,
kids are amazing scrapbookers...boys & girls alike.  You could
even schedule a field trip to the store...we can walk them around, talk
about scrapbooking, make a small little project...just an idea....

This concludes our regularly scheduled public service announcement (giggle....giggle...)Have a fantastic day!


  1. i wish i could keep a date with do you do that when you
    have to move again?!

  2. I read the first half of this and was called away, during which time I
    was mentally composing my reply about how I'm going to have LESS time as
    I'm basically going back to work as a homeschooler. But you keep taking
    out all my excuses in your various blog posts about how to make time
    for this!
    My excuse right now though, is that I'm totally absorbed in watching the
    Olympics and am not good at multi-tasking during that. LOL! Maybe I'll
    try it tonight after reading this motivating post, though.

  3. Thanks for this. I am going to try, but like Tiffani, the Olympics are
    on... the Homeschooling has started and I just don't feel up to another
    I love to read your stuff, thanks.
    Excuse #1, I spend time reading your blog, that takes up my scapbook
    time, ha ha!