Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I've not had much of a green thumb...ever.  But this year, I had
a little help from my dad...who could grow anything...anywhere.  A
few months ago he dropped by with 12 buckets of horse pooh & some
gardening tools.  I made this page about it, because everyone needs
a page about horse pooh...don't you think?

I didn't get a before shot of my garden area, but it was this same
spot...filled to the brim with weeds...oh, and once I had this silly
idea to make a winding path with rocks through it, you know, so you
could have something to walk on when it was we pulled all the
weeds & a LOT of rocks, spread the horse pooh...let it sit for a
few weeks & then I planted seeds June 15th.  Today is August
26th & look at how it's grown

I've certainly been enjoying the "fruits of our
labor"!  Each morning I have scrambled eggs with squash & fresh
basil from my garden. 

We made salsa with fresh cilantro...don't think I'll do the snow
peas again...they grew but were awful....had lots of raddishes...the
carrots are still growing....and the green onions didn't fare so
well.  But scallop squash?  Got a ton of it.


 Zucchini?  A few.  No pumpkins yet, but look at this cute baby watermelon

And a few more photos from my garden...looks like I need to go pull some weeds!


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