Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday

What a nice weekend!  Loved all the rain...we need it! 
Don't really have a breakfast at post today because we skipped breakfast
& instead went to Wal-Mart and helped kids shop for school
clothes.  The Salvation Army provided $50 gift cards for the kids
to shop & volunteers took the kids to pick out their new
clothes.  Audra, Don, Kendall & I all participated.  Then
there was breakfast of panckakes, made by Wal-Mart employees & then
the kids got a back pack crammed full of school supplies.  It was
really a lot of fun.  Who knew $50 some odd dollars would buy so

We had fun classes this weekend, too!  The Disney book was a
huge hit...really, you can use it for's more of a formula
for immediate success!  And then Debbie Marxen & 5 of her
friends came for a private class...."Grateful" acrylic albums. 
Those ladies are certainly creative! 

Saturday night found my husband on our roof at 8:30 pm trimming tree
branches that were obscuring the satellite receiver (heaven
forbid)...and Sunday night was spent at the ER with my friend Nathan
& his mom while we waited to see if he fractured his arm (he
did).  I only mention this because, well, he's 10, & when we
asked him what he was going to tell his friends he said he was going to
tell them he wrecked on his motorcycle because it sounds older than saying he fell off his bike...crazy kid.  Who thinks of this stuff?

So now I'm sitting in the store, drinking my new favorite water, (which reminds me of my new favorite song "Sittin' in a Bar"  by Rehab (it just cracks me up...)

Metro Mint Spearmint Water: 


(thank you Audra) and debating weather I should start my healthy
eating today or wait until's always tomorrow with me so
I'm struggling.  And what I REALLY want to eat is the ever
delightful Honest Foods Cran Lemon Zest Whole Food Country Square (isn't
that a mouthful to say!).  Good gosh those things are like eating a
slice of it's undercooked cookie dough
incarnation.  I LOVE them.  They're good for you & taste
divine....but I already had breakfast...I'm holding out until "snack"
time.  You'll all think I'm totally stupid, but I need to make my
appointment for my annual exam.  I know, just get it over
with.  Ick.  But see, my doctor told me I need to cut out
caffeine, junk food & eat a healthy, whole foods diet (the Cran
Lemon Zest bars will be a part of matter what). 
So I've been putting off making my appointment, cuz, I haven't been
eating that way (thus the 10 lbs I've put on).  And the second I
make my appointment I have to start eating that way.  And now that
I've typed this out & feel like a fool, I'll be makin' my
appointment today.  Jeez.  Anyway.  Anyone else put off
their annual exams because you, say, don't want to get on the
scale?  That would be reason number 2 for me....

Oh, and I finished book 4 of the Twilight series, "Breaking
Dawn".  It wasn't my favorite of the 4.  But now that it's
over, I feel slightly depressed that the story isn't continuing.  I
get a little obsessive over my I live in that
world.  Like I know these people.  And it's like they've moved
away & you'll never see them again.  Is that strange? 
Now I'm on to finish "Eat, Pray, Love" that my friend Kim gave me. 
I thought it was a diet book & wouldn't even consider it when I saw
it at the book store.  (Kim got a big laugh out of that). 
It's one woman's spiritual journe

y after a painful divorce and it's non-fiction.  I
don't usually read non-fiction.  I like to live in a fantasy world,
I guess.  But this book is pretty darn good.

Alright...there's much work to be done....a few more posts to compose for you all...and yes, they are work related :)


  1. Asian Noodle Salad and Blueberry Smashes DO NOT qualify as whole eating
    (though all are made from all natural ingridents). Had my Cran-Lemon
    Zest bar yesterday after running. What a delightful flavor!

  2. How funny! METRO MINT is now one of my most favorite waters ALSO! Again,
    thankyou Audra!
    The cran-lemonzest bar was good also, not a favorite but then again I am
    just weird- its a texture thing.
    Have a great Monday! See you tonight.

  3. Kirsten & Sherry,
    We had a great time at out "Grateful" class on Saturday! You are the
    BEST! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!! And we loved the
    Blueberry Smashes that Jan and Cecilia brought for dinner!!!!!! Debbie