Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Chocolate Retreat

Sherry & I were lucky enough to be invited to The Chocolate
Retreat, in Payson, Arizona.  It's put on by the Payson Scrapbook
store, Paper & Metal Scrappers. 
I had met one of the owners at a store owner get together in Phoenix
& was so excited when she invited us to join them.  Why, you
might ask is it called a chocolate retreat when it's a scrapbook
retreat?  Because they give you chocolate at every turn. 
Literally.  It's on your table.  It's in jars.  It's
dessert.  As a matter of fact, Friday night there was a chocolate
fountain.  And cookies.  And brownies.  Quite
heavenly.  They have a regular customer, Sue, I believe, who made
mexican wedding cake cookies (also knows as russian tea cakes) that were
the most heavenly cookies I've ever had in my life.  I ate, like,
10.  And I don't even like cookies.  Anyway, the food was
fabulous.  The scrapping was fun...although my brain went on sleep
mode...I usually can make a LOT of pages at a crop, but not this
time.  Here's what the two of us accomplished:

Here's my favorite page of all:

Now back to the crop.  There were 65 of us.  Yep.  65. 
this big church cabin right off the main road.  It was complete
with a kitchen, where Barb & Brenda's staff made all our
meals.  Here was breakfast on Saturday (it's a rough life, I know):

On the way in that morning, we stopped at the Starbucks in
Safeway.  I saw this guy in the parking lot & HAD to take his

Here's the funny thing.  I had just gotten done telling Sherry
that part of what holds me back as a photographer is being embarrassed
to get in there & take photos.  Silly, I know, but it's the
truth.  It's also why I take so many photos of my nephews...they
don't care & I don't have to pose them...Anyway, I saw this monster
on the back of a nice Harley & had to have his photo.  I took a
couple and realized I had my camera on the wrong setting so I corrected
it & took a few more.  Then Sherry & I headed into
Safeway.  There was a guy sitting at an outside table, that frankly
I didn't even notice until he spoke to me, and he said, "Would you like
him better if I made him jump?"  The owner of the bike had caught
me taking photos...instantly I was embarrassed & asked him if he
minded the photos.  He said, "Nope.  I ain't done nothing
wrong so take as many as you like."  Turns out his father had given
him the monster to put on his bike several years ago & he kept it
on.  I think his father had passed away.  So here's this big,
tattooed motorcycle guy with a monster on his bike.  Cool. 
And his daughter, who looked to be 10, had green hair.  Gotta love
it!  Isn't this the monster from Where the Wild Things Are? 
He didn't know where he was from...but that's what I'm thinking. 
(notice the mardi gras beads on the monsters neck...he's so darn cute!)

back to our regularly scheduled post....Barb took Sherry  & I
to visit her store on Saturday.  It's really cute!  It's about
1/3 our size & a totally different product mixed.  They do a
lot of altered art & don't carry regular stickers like Jolee's or
themed items, like soccer or birthday.  But it is VERY appealing to
the crafter in me.  We did have a lot of the same papers...we have
the same reps so that's not surprising...speaking of reps, our Fiskar's
rep Cindy was at the retreat & did the most awesome project...a
mini book on a Kaiser Craft's's at the store...Here are a few
shots from their store:


Barb.  The fixtures look a little empty because they took most of
their store to the retreat.  How cool is that?!


Thanks Barbara & Brenda!  Sherry & I had a great time!  Doesn't Sherry look happy? 


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  1. I guess this picture is better than the CRAZY wind blown hair picture!
    I had a great time, thanks for taking me:)