Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A brief pause in posting...

Sorry for not posting more the last few days.  I've gotten that
dreaded summer cold that's been going around.  Yesterday was so bad
my mom came in on her day off & sent me home.  Promise to post
more this week...heaven knows, sick or not, I still have a LOT to

And that mom of mine?  Well, she just keeps
checking in the most fabulous new products....LOTS of
fall...Halloween...Christmas...tons of stuff.  You might want to
get it when you see'll be gone fast...SO cute!  (And you
know we don't ever get the same stuff twice, right?)

PS  There's a big bottle of hand sanitizer on the you don't have to worry about cooties :)


  1. Offering Hot Tea, Soup and Crackers - again today. Any takers?