Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When it rains, it pours.


I love it when it rains.  I guess if I lived in Seattle I'd feel
differently.  But since I live in Flagstaff, I have a serious
appreciation for the rain.  We need it so very badly. 
Every year the monsoons bring rivers of rain to my parking lot.  A
few years ago they re-did the parking lot...and created a river that
typically runs straight to my my front door.  Makes perfect sense,
doesn't it?

A few things are happening this week that you might be interested
in.  Tonight is the Little Joy mini book's at 6 pm, cost
is $20 & you'll make a fun mini book from scratch.  Wenesday
is the 5 Things I Love About You mini book class.  It's $30 &
it's so cute!  Both classes allow you to pick out paper to match
your specific theme.  Then Thursday is the Teen Night's
really for 4th thru 6th grades...and the project is super fun. 
Cost is $20 and includes all the supplies & pizza.  And then
there's Midnight Madness on Friday.  Saturday, Sherry's teaching
the transparency class, which is $20.  Here's a page from it...and
there are 2 cards, too:


You can check out our classes by clicking here....

I did a photo test.  I ordered photos from and
on the same day last week.  I'd like to say it was Wednesday, but
it could have been Thursday.  I ordered the same number of
prints....70 or different finishes.  Yesterday, the
order came in.  Nothing from snapfish yet.  I'm happy with
the quality of the scrapbookpictures photos.  They're pretty
nice.  I tried the metallic prints, matte & glossy.  I
have to say I'm a matte kind of gal so the others don't do much for
me.  A cool feature that has is you can have
them printed square.  So I had a photo of AJ printed 6x6 & it's
super cute.  I'd definately do that again! 

So why did I try online processing?  Well, I've been really bad
at getting to Sam's Club lately to download them.  And when your
card has 600 or more photos on it it takes forever to upload
them at Sam's Club.  So I haven't been going.  And the photos
keep multiplying.  So I tried online.  I haven't seen the
snapfish ones yet to see how they are, but I made a mistake when I
ordered & put a white torn border on them.  I emailed them
right away to see if I could remove it & they can't.  So right
there, I don't like them.  They said they were too automated to
make changes.  Whatever.  I'm happy with
so I'll use them again.  But I'll let you know how the snapfish
ones turn out.  And you can stop by the store to see the quality

This is just's time for us to get new phones from
Verizon.  Did you know that if you get your phone at the Verizon
store you have to pay a $20 activation fee?  And if you go online,
they offer killer deals...I got Kendall a Chocolate (the 2nd version,
not the new one) and Don a Motorola Moto completely free.  Yep, free
Not even shipping.  The same phones would have cost us $150 or
more at the Verizon store.  So now I'm thinking it's time for me to
get a new phone (a downgrade, actually...I don't really need the Treo
or the services that you have to pay for with it) and I found this:

6205-the-dark-knight 6205-the-dark-knight-3

Ok.  I'll admit it.  I love Batman.  I thought it was
just Christian Bale that I loved, but no (although he does make my heart
race).  It's Batman.  And what Batman lovin' girl wouldn't
want a Batphone all her own?  Anyone have one of these?  Do
they work well?  Do I care?  It has pre-loaded Batman goodies
on it....hmmm.....


  1. We don't have a batman phone, but we have batman costumes, swords, and
    figurines if you'd like to borrow them :-)

  2. If you get one, I could assign your mobile phone the name "Secret Bat
    Line". It would make me chuckle every time that you called.