Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend Giveaway

And the winner is....comment #11, picked by

Time by far. And that is tied up with perfectionism. It
takes forever to get a layout the way I want it, so I often don't even
start because of that.

Watched P.S. I Love You last night. That was one of the saddest movies I've seen in a long time.

Congratulations, Tiffani!  Stop by the store to
claim you gift certificate.  And yes, PS I Love You is very,
very sad, but I LOVE it. 

I'm having a little "cat"-astophe today but I plan on
posting comments to your comments in the next few days so keep checking
back.  Thanks!

I've been reading The Pioneer Woman
so much that I'm inspired to have a giveaway.  Ree gives away
stuff all the's crazy!  And I enter all the time,
too.  One of these days I'll win!  I'm just sure of it! And
since I'm off for a few days on a buying trip for the store...and then
to Lake Powell to roast in the sun...I thought it'd be a perfect time to
have a giveaway.

So for our giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment about:

What is your biggest scrapbooking challenge? 

it time?  Money?  Lack of photos?  Not creative
enough?  In a rut?  What do you think would inspire you to
break free of your challenge? 

No worries, there's not right or wrong answer & I'll draw a random number Monday, July 28th at noon for the winner...who....da da da dum...will receive 20 bucks in store credit to About Memories & More
to help you break free from the bondage of your challenge.  I
think your answers will help many people, even the ones afraid to
comment, overcome their own challenges.  And you know, we just
might have a suggestion or two for you as well. 


  1. My biggest scrapbooking challenge is I feel like I need to make every
    page a masterpiece. Not only does it take me that much longer to finish
    but, if I'm not liking the way a page is turning out it becomes a huge
    creative block that is very difficult for me to get past (and then I
    don't get anything done at all).

  2. My biggest challenge is the journaling part of scrapbooking. It takes
    me forever to come up with the right words without wrting the whole
    story and just trying to get it done neatly when I use my computer like
    getting the right font or the right creative layout. But once I get the
    journaling done I am off and running on a new page then the journaling
    gets me again.

  3. My biggest challenge is patience to complete a whole scrapbook. I like
    projects that can be completed in a few hours or a day rather than
    projects that could take months or years. If projects take too long I
    just give up and move onto something else.

  4. My biggest challenge with scrapbooking is that I take so many photos
    that I get overwhelmed and don't know which ones to scrap. And then I
    just give up. I'm trying to be better at that...really I am!

  5. My biggest challenge is finding the photos when I want them (working on
    that thanks to you). Trying to have the perfect layout, making the
    time, etc, etc. Where do I stop!!! I know there is hope for me!!

  6. I started with scrapbooking only 9 months ago. I'm currently also
    scanning in more then 3.000 slides of my youth, which I'm all intending
    to scrap. Together with all the pictures that I took later on with my
    digital camera, this seems like a life work. It's seems therefor like my
    biggest challenge to have so much scrapwork, but meantime it is also
    SOOOOOOOOOO much fun to do. After every layout I feel I'm a little step
    closer to my goal (which is still far away ... luckely, otherwise I was
    ready scrapping ;-))

  7. this one is easy for me...i need more TIME. the ideas are there, the
    photos are a-plenty, and the supplies are overflowing.
    i miss you!

  8. My biggest challenge is getting started. I have so many ideas and
    choices to scrap that I cannot make up my mind and end up card creating

  9. My biggest challenge is starting a new page. I look at that big blank
    page and feel overwhelmed every time and usually don't even know where
    to begin. Then I pore through magazines and idea books to try to get
    some inspiration on how to start. Once I get going, I'm fine. Also, it's
    a very expensive hobby and I feel like I'm constantly having (or
    wanting) to buy something in order to complete the page. I have a
    bajillion of unfinished pages because of a missing element or two.

  10. My biggest challenge is time. It seems the only time I scrapbook is at
    midnight madness.

  11. Time by far. And that is tied up with perfectionism. It takes forever to
    get a layout the way I want it, so I often don't even start because of
    Watched P.S. I Love You last night. That was one of the saddest movies
    I've seen in a long time.

  12. The amount of pictures that I take. I love to take pictures!! But,
    then when it comes time to scrpabook them I have a hard time leaving
    pictures out of a layout, and then I end up with several pages of one
    event. I do not feel that there is a "bad" picture. They all tell a

  13. Seems that a big challenge for many of us is TIME! Glad to know I am not
    alone, have to agree this is a big challenge for me. Was asked the
    wish question not too long ago...if you had three wishes what would you
    wish for? I did not have to think about this - I could always use more
    time! I have plenty of paper, embellishments, tools, ideas, etc. Next
    on my list would be better photos and can't wait for Kirsten to offer a
    class to give us a glimpse of all she has learned recently...

  14. I really liked reading others challenges, it made me feel like I wasn't
    alone. I also have trouble with the amont of Photos I take, and then
    making the decision of which to print. I always know which I want to
    use. I feel overwhelmed with the choosing the prints. With digital it
    has made me rethink everything. I love the idea of making an
    appointment to scrap book. I think I will try that, but know that will
    be impossible with my schedule.
    Thanks for all that you do. Have a great week-end.

  15. I know I am late and that's okay (sigh...) BUT my challenge is TIME and
    the fact that my 4yr old LOVES to "help" me and well as cute as that
    may be if working on his page sometimes.. I just wanna play by myself!