Friday, July 11, 2008



The little one.  That's Junior.  Looks vicious, doesn't
he?  And the big one is Maggie.  Totally not taking his
crap.  Had myself a little photo shoot last night, working on some
settings for my photography class.  While this isn't a technically
perfect photo, it definitely tells the story of a dog gone crazy. 
Here are a few more from last night:

You get him, Maggie! 

Odd fact:  Maggie won't make eye contact....ever.

Mia looks so sweet here...I love that her nose looks like a
heart...and Kendall being a good sport (she's supposed to be blurry in
the photo...that was one of the many things I was working on).

And Devil Dog, oops, I mean, sweet little fact about him, he prances when he cute!

A boy & his dog.  She's not happy to be being held. 
See her claws digging into my husband's arm?  Notice, no eye
contact from her.  Should have changed my aperture's
too wide....f/2.2 if you must know....should have been f/3.5 or
higher...this could have been a cute photo.  I'm still
learning....there is so much to remember to look for...I'm hoping the
whole "second nature" thing starts happening soon!

forget about the birthday card contest & the summer page
contest!  Entries are due by 7/20.  Email me or call if you
have questions. 

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