Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Let's get down to business first...

1.  July Birthday Card Contest.  Submit
one birthday card by July 20th (my birthday).  Just one,
really.  We'll have customers vote on their favorites & one
winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to the store.  And
me?  Well, hopefully I will receive dozens of birthday cards, just
for me.

2.  July Page Contest.  This
month's theme is Summer...any take you have on that is fine. 
Please submit one single page 12x12 layout by July 20th.  Customers
will vote on their favorites & one winner will receive a $20 gift
certificate to the store.  The winning entry will be published in a
calendar in December.

3.  July Clearance Sale. 
This month it's time to clear out all the stuff I keep piling up in the
clearance area.  All items marked with a dot sticker are 50% off
(and there are a ton!).  Rolled stickers are 75% off.  There's
a bunch of paper, too (50% off).  There are certainly some great
deals to be found!

4.  Snapfish. 
Ok.  I've never printed with them before.  But Ali Edwards
swears by them.  Lots of people use them.  And I had this
offer in my email today and now I have to use them.  Use code # JUL4PENNY08 and you'll get 50 prints for 50 cents
Yes, you read that right.  I'm downloading photos as I type. 
And what's even better is prints after 50 are just 9 cents each.  I
paid 17 cents a piece at Sam's Club yesterday (normally my preferred
printer).  So for 50 cents, I think it's worth checking out (the
offer ends July 12th).  I am not affiliated with them in any
way.  Just sharin' the love with a few of my closest friends.

5.  Classes. Look here to
see the classes for July.  This week we have Sharon teaching
Interactive Page Elements on Tuesday (this one happens to be pop ups,
which are very cool for cards, too).  And the Made In Minutes Pages
are Wednesday.  Saturday we have a Mom & Me Crop and Sharon's
Altered Art class, which will be making customized papers...way
cool!  And don't forget Midnight Madness on Friday!

And now down to all the other stuff...

This weekend was packed
with activity!  My daughter was out on a camping trip with her
best friend for 4 days.  I had a 3 day weekend...the store was
closed for just a couple of days, but let me tell you it was worth
it.  I am refreshed & rejuvinated.  And happy
My husband and I saw two movies:  Wanted and Hancock.  I
actually loved Wanted...I was surprised....I don't care for Angelina
Jolie, but really, what women do?  And I enjoyed Hancock as
well.  We went out to breakfast...3 times.  Saw a
parade.  Went on a bike ride.  Took a nap.  Thought about
scrapbooking.  Printed 330 pictures at Sam's Club (so I can
scrapbook).  Babysat.  Cut some hair.  Had dinner with
good friends.  All in all, a fabulous weekend.  And here are
some photos to prove it:

This is Alex.  The kid either hates me or loves me cuz he's a
little turd.  He sees me & freaks out...runs around like a wild
banshee.  Says crazy things.  Could it be me?  Anyway,
he's great & even though he tries to make me nuts I love him. 
And yes, Jeannie, I have a copy of this picture for you today. 
Turned out cute, don't you think?

(horrible picture...I've gotta have my husband take a class)
Friday was at the Downtown Diner.  Don didn't love his chorizo
& eggs, but Audra & I had the Country Benedict & it was so
very good! 

Pretty cheap, too.  The only thing we didn't really care for was the ambiance.  I'll leave it at that.
Audra, Maria & I at the parade.
The one holding the US flag is Maria's husband, Dave.
Loved the Hopi dancers.  The girl second from the left is blowing a bubble...but I like this shot of the striped dancer.
And we know these girls....Kris & Sharon showing their support.
What parade would be complete without Darth Vader?  Indiana Jones paid a visit...twice.
And my mom's Bob paid us a visit at the end...he waited in the shade while we roasted in the sun.  He was the smart one.
we rode our bikes to Miz Zip's.  Make sure you bring cash, because
that's all they take.  We had to pool our money on the table to
make sure we had enough cash.  Turns out, the place is pretty
cheap.  Three of us ate for $13.  Don had eggs & bacon, I
had 3 HUGE pancakes & Audra had the waffle.  It was fine. 
It was cheap.  It's just not my favorite. 
mornings my family meets for breakfast...usually at someone's
house.  This Sunday my mom thought it would be nice for the family
to try one of the places we've been checking out.  So we all went
to Country Host.  They have a whole room we didn't know's in the JACS coffee shop.  And it's HUGE!  The
manager was super sweet...if you ever need a meeting place, they let you
use it after 6 pm for free.  That's a great thing to know
about.  And the food?  It was just as good.  A little
slow...but there were 10 of us & it was Sunday morning.  We ate
for $60.  10 of us.  Can you believe it?

Don & I
watched my brother's boys so he & his wife could take Kendall to see
Hancock.  AJ has a bit of a reputation.  I'm sorry. 
He's just always been a screamer.  At least that's all I've
seen.  But yesterday, he was so good!  His mom told me he's
good all the time.  Um, first I've seen it.  And frankly, he
was delightful.  This picture is so AJ.
He came equipped with food on his face.  I just didn't see it until I uploaded the pictures.  Good Auntie.
There's the happy boy!
Here's Ray before I cut his hair....keep in mind I only know how to cut hair with clippers...the way I cut my husband's hair...
I probably shouldn't quite my day job.  But it looks ok.  Right?

That's my brother, Dave, & his son AJ.  You can't tell from
this picture, but AJ is the spittin' image of his dad. 

Time to get ready for work.  I am going to scrapbook today. 
Make some class pages for August.  Hard job, but someone's got to
do it.  I'll share them soon!

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  1. I've been using Snapfish for a while, too, and have been pretty happy
    with it. I like that they have the option to print your photos "true
    digital" size (at the very end of checkout) which eliminates chopped off
    heads, etc, though they do slip around a bit in those We R... 4x6
    Thanks for posting the parade pictures! We missed it this year by opting
    for fireworks in Indiana instead.