Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me :)

What a wonderful weekend for a birthday!  First there was...

fun!  I love Pierce Bronson, but his singing made me cringe. 
We left the movie feelin' happy & wanting to dance in the aisles of
Safeway.  I just  love ABBA songs...

And then there was...
still my heart.  I've always liked the Batman movies. 
They're fun.  But Christian Bale as Batman? LOVE him.  Boyish
good looks?  That throaty whisper?  I couldn't tell you,
really.  But I love him just the same.  And the movie? 
Excellent.  I like that Batman Begins & The Dark Night are not
so, well, comic book.   I know.  It's based on a
comic, but I like him a little more real.  I already have a page
planned in my head for this...silly I know, but it's a part who I am,
and that's something we should all scrapbook just a little bit more.

Had a lovely family party at our house tonight.  I made cupcakes that were super yummy & also made 2 different Pioneer Woman recipes.  They were FABULOUS.  The orange marmalade cake & the chili con queso dip.  Check out her website for recipes.

I'll post the contest entries for both the Birthday Card Contest and
the Summer Page Contest, but in the meantime, here are a few of my
favorite photos from today (aside from the Batman...hello...I'm printing that one 8x10...maybe lifesize)


Love the sand in his eye...

Once again, food on his face.  Must be something about my house....


  1. these are fabulous. i need to learn what you are learning.
    i hope your birthday was fabulous. miss you!