Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scrapbook Page Maps

It has arrived!  We have 5 in stock...get 'em while they're
here...I'm sure they'll be gone soon...this book is AMAZING!  It's
clean.  It's fresh.  It uses lots of pictures.  You're
going to love it!

Page maps

Scrapbook Challenges 2

My friend Rachel read my responses to the scrapbook challenges below & added her own responses.  Click here to read them. 
(She used to work at About Memories & More and is a phenomenal
scrapbook artist.  As a matter of fact she just did a 58 page
custom scrapbook order for one of our customers...Rach, you're amazing!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I thought today I'd take a
little time to respond to some of the comments about your biggest
scrapbooking challenges.  These are just my opinions.  Please
feel free to add additional just never know who they'll

Here are the biggest issues:

1.  Time 
It's an issue for me.  It's an issue for you.  I know that
many people think that I have the best job in the world because I get to
scrapbook all day.  While I do have the best job in the
world I promise you I do not scrapbook all day.  If I could give
you more time, I would.  That's why I schedule All Day Crops. 
Midnight Madness's.  Saturday Crops.  Mom & Me
Crops.  Classes.  It boils down to making the time to do the
things you want to do.  I know.  I'm crazy.  How could I
say that?  But it's true.  Make an appointment with yourself
to scrapbook, even if it's only once a month.  And keep it. 
It'll be hard to do the first time.   It will get easier,
promise!  And it's fun!

Another time saver is to
"scrap lift".  It's when you copy pages that other people have made
from idea books, magazines, your neighbor.  And there's a
fantastic new book at the store to help you do just that.  It
actually breaks it down for you so you can convert someone else's layout
into your own.

It's only $20.  And the author is coming to do a book signing the last weekend in October. 

2.  Perfectionism This
is hard for me.  I'm Type A.  Everything needs to be
perfect.  But sometime in the past year I've let that go a bit
(with the help of Ali Edwards Life Artist book....phenomenal, truly).
  I let myself create. I let go of the perfectionism in my
pages, because honestly, I'd never get anything done.  And I NEVER
re-do pages.  What's done is done.  And I have done some
seriously bad pages.  But the next ones will be better. 

3.  Journaling  The number one complaint I
hear everyday.  That & "I hate my handwriting".  Here's
the deal.  We scrapbook to tell our stories.  I tell people to
write like the person reading it doesn't know them.  Not just
"Kirsten & Don on July 4th".  Try to describe an event.  A
feeling.  How you felt.  It's hard, I know.  It can be
brief.  It can be long.  Doesn't matter.  What's
important is to tell your story.  And to write like you talk. 
Don't worry about grammar.  Just write what you feel & move
on.  And on the handwriting you ever look at old family
scrapbooks & go "look how bad her writing was!"  No, you
don't.  You look at it as a cherished element of that
scrapbook.  So look at yours that way.  Your handwriting is
just as much a part of you as the color of your eyes. 

4.  Patience  My family would tell you
that I did not inherit a patience gene.  I want it done & I
want it done now.  I think that's why I LOVE mini books so
much.  I can get my photos in & done in just a few hours &
move on to the next project.  I think it helps, too, to break it
down into manageable chunks.  And  it helps to define your
goals.  Are you trying to scrapbook chronologically? Then that is
an ongoing project.  Are you going to scrapbook your trip to
Hawaii?  Then make a smaller, 8x8 album & keep the paper &
embellishments simple.  This is something we can definately help
you with. 

5.  Overwhelmed with Photos  When I started my scrapbook project  last
I decided I was just going to get my pictures in albums.  30 +
photo boxes later, all of my photos are in albums.  It took a
I'm not kidding.  But I only worked on it here there.  But
here's what
it did for me:  with all my photos in albums, I now can scrapbook
photos I love.  I got rid of the silly notion that I had to
every photo I take (if you read this blog you know I can take 100
photos in a day).  So I scrapbook the photos I love, slide them
page protectors & slip them into my 3 ring binder albums next to
the other photos that's I've slid into photo sleeves.  So instead
having 20 photos of Kendall's last day of school to scrapbook, I
scrapbooked 2 of my favorites and the other 18 are right there next to
it.  I no longer feel the least bit of guilt that I keep tons
of photos.  I just can't part with them.  Even the bad
ones...but that's for another day.  One of my scrapbooks is at the
store if you'd like
to see it & here's another link to the follow up post about the project.

6.  Getting Started  A class or a crop is a
great way to get started!  Sometimes I find inspiration just
walking around looking at other peoples pages.  Here's what I
do:  I pull out 3-6 photos I know I want to scrapbook.  I grab
2 or 3 printed papers & 2 pieces of cardstock.  Lately I've
been doing single page 12x12 layouts...much easier for me right
now.  I layout my photos how I think they want to be, trim them
& use chunks of the printed papers to figure out a layout. 
Once I'm happy, I glue it all down, journal & move on.  When
you get stuck, idea books are your friend.  And we're a great
resource as well.  Why?  Because it's harder to scrapbook your
own photos than someone else's.  We don't have any attachment to
them & can look at them from a different perspective.  Grab a
pack of photos & bring them in.  We're here to help.

7.  Unfinished Pages
Someone posted that they have a pile of unfinished pages waiting for
that perfect element.  My thought is that you should set aside some
time & finish those pages & put them in your albums & move
on.  Use the die cut machine or punches at the store to punch out a
shape or title.  Paper is cheap.  My tools are free to
use.  Use an extra photo cut creatively, download an image from the
internet, but get them done.  You'll feel so much better! 
Embellishments are good, don't get me wrong, but you can make perfectly
spectacular pages without them. 

Wow!  That went on a
long time, sorry for that!  I am passionate about
scrapbooking.  I am here to help you with your questions, concerns
& page dilemmas.  So is my staff.  Between one of us we
can help you solve your issues (scrapbook, issues that is).  Don't
ever feel that you can't ask.  I encourage you to bring your photos
with you to match paper & embellishments, that way you won't have
tons of excess supplies.  And please, ask for help if you're
stuck.  Don't give up!

With all that said, I'm off to buy more stuff for the's a happy photo to leave you with...have a great day!

That's my brother, Dave, & AJ. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from a great weekend

What a lovely weekend....spent time in Phoenix buying FANTASTIC
things for the store & then headed up to Lake Powell...took 400
photos...really.  Here are a few favorites.  I'll download
more to flickr when I get caught up (like next June).  Just
that I only post photos of AJ with 1) food on his face & 2) a frown
on his face.  So here's a happy boy....with food on his
face.  I got lots of happy photos of him this weekend.  Love
the spit bubbles down his chin...
here's me.  Ray took this.  He's 3.  So glad I picked
this to post.  Man I have a lot of freckles!  Just remember, I
was're supposed to look bad when you're camping. 

Oh my goodness I do love this picture of Ray! 

Isn't he sweet?

Enough with the pictures, Auntie. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend Giveaway

And the winner is....comment #11, picked by

Time by far. And that is tied up with perfectionism. It
takes forever to get a layout the way I want it, so I often don't even
start because of that.

Watched P.S. I Love You last night. That was one of the saddest movies I've seen in a long time.

Congratulations, Tiffani!  Stop by the store to
claim you gift certificate.  And yes, PS I Love You is very,
very sad, but I LOVE it. 

I'm having a little "cat"-astophe today but I plan on
posting comments to your comments in the next few days so keep checking
back.  Thanks!

I've been reading The Pioneer Woman
so much that I'm inspired to have a giveaway.  Ree gives away
stuff all the's crazy!  And I enter all the time,
too.  One of these days I'll win!  I'm just sure of it! And
since I'm off for a few days on a buying trip for the store...and then
to Lake Powell to roast in the sun...I thought it'd be a perfect time to
have a giveaway.

So for our giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment about:

What is your biggest scrapbooking challenge? 

it time?  Money?  Lack of photos?  Not creative
enough?  In a rut?  What do you think would inspire you to
break free of your challenge? 

No worries, there's not right or wrong answer & I'll draw a random number Monday, July 28th at noon for the winner...who....da da da dum...will receive 20 bucks in store credit to About Memories & More
to help you break free from the bondage of your challenge.  I
think your answers will help many people, even the ones afraid to
comment, overcome their own challenges.  And you know, we just
might have a suggestion or two for you as well. 

Clearly Surprised

This arrived for me in the mail the other day from a sweet little birdie in Minnesota...

Isn't this just the cutest card?  It's made out of plain
transparency that has been stamped with Staz On Opaque ink.  Then
decorated with ribbon, paper lace & super adorable paper.  It's
accented with rhinestones. 

Turns out the little birdie is Sherry's mom...the talent obviously runs in the family...Thank you for thinking of me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few things...

I'd like to share with you. 

  1. First, there's a link to Scrapbook Pictures on the right side of
    your screen.  If you use that link, they'll give you 15 free prints
    to try them out.  (if for some reason it doesn't work, the code is
    GFU153). I really like them...a lot.  I plan on using them
    for my photo processing now.  I did finally get the
    photos & I have to say, the quality was really good. 
    Unfortunately they have that dang border on them.  And they took
    almost 2 weeks to get.  Scrapbook Pictures took 5 days....Snapfish
    took 10.  But you should stop by the store & check them out for
    yourself & make your own decision.  Let me know what you

  2. We're working on an online store.  I put a link on the right
    side of your screen.  Right now, it has We R Memory Keeper
    albums (because they're my favorite) and our Arizona things.  We're
    working on it a little everyday to add more...but becuase we have
    200,000 items in our store, we thought we'd start with our
    favorites.  It definitly needs some polish, but it's coming

  3. Don't forget to vote for your favorite page & card before
    the end of the month.  You have to come in to the store to vote.

  4. There's a card class on Wednesday this week...birthday cards.  Class is $20 and starts at 6 pm.

  5. We have midnight madness this Friday and an All Day Crop on Saturday.  There are still a couple of spaces.

  6. Um, there's more to tell you....but I have completely
    forgotten...check back soon...I should remember...l hope. 
    Have a great day! 

A Delightful Surprise

Yesterday, two of my most favorite people gave me the best birthday
present.  Sherry & Bridget made this funny mini book for
me.  The laughter brought tears to my eyes!  Here it is:


They used a We R Memory Keepers naked 5x7 album & filled it with
black & red Doodlebug papers, ribbon & brads...Bridget has a
thing for Doodlebug like I do for Christian Bale...just kidding!


Hard at work, you can plainly see...


Why'd I ever tell them about the Twilight series?  See what it's costin' me?


Sherry, too? 


Eating...from a stryofoam container...what's up with that?  I might pass out...


About time Bridget did some work...wait, what do you mean "slave
driver"?  And what do you think of my gansta friend Lyn?


Wow! They cleaned the toilet twice in the same day!  Good job girls!


  Great picture, Sherry.  Thanks.  No really.  Not only is Lyn a gansta, she's a lush...


Ahhhh, Lyn, you're such a great friend!


And Bridget & Sherry?  You two are the BEST! 


I sure do appreciate you girls.  I couldn't wish for better friends or employees.  Thank you!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me :)

What a wonderful weekend for a birthday!  First there was...

fun!  I love Pierce Bronson, but his singing made me cringe. 
We left the movie feelin' happy & wanting to dance in the aisles of
Safeway.  I just  love ABBA songs...

And then there was...
still my heart.  I've always liked the Batman movies. 
They're fun.  But Christian Bale as Batman? LOVE him.  Boyish
good looks?  That throaty whisper?  I couldn't tell you,
really.  But I love him just the same.  And the movie? 
Excellent.  I like that Batman Begins & The Dark Night are not
so, well, comic book.   I know.  It's based on a
comic, but I like him a little more real.  I already have a page
planned in my head for this...silly I know, but it's a part who I am,
and that's something we should all scrapbook just a little bit more.

Had a lovely family party at our house tonight.  I made cupcakes that were super yummy & also made 2 different Pioneer Woman recipes.  They were FABULOUS.  The orange marmalade cake & the chili con queso dip.  Check out her website for recipes.

I'll post the contest entries for both the Birthday Card Contest and
the Summer Page Contest, but in the meantime, here are a few of my
favorite photos from today (aside from the Batman...hello...I'm printing that one 8x10...maybe lifesize)


Love the sand in his eye...

Once again, food on his face.  Must be something about my house....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Disney Book is DONE

Whoo hoo!  Finished up the Disney book yesterday for the
Scrappin' the Magic Kingdom class on Tuesday 7/29 at 11 am (and again on
Saturday 8/16 at 11 am).  The classis 5 hours long and is
$50.  You'll complete 20 8x8 pages...yep, 20.  Class includes
all the supplies & even an 8x8 album.  Albums are first come
first served, so sign up now to get the one you want.  And really,
you'll love this formula for a great many projects.  I thoroughly
enjoyed making it!  Hope you enjoy it, too!






A few things:  you don't have to scrap Disney.  It can be a
birthday or family reunion, a trip, or just your life. 
You'll be cutting out titles you can use, not what we used, in
class.  That said, the albums in the above photos are the ones
available.  Sorry, but no substitutions.  When you pay for
class, you'll take your album.  The books are
8x8.  And you can pick between a white/black/red/yellow
mickey-ish combo or a pink/purple/white princess combo.  Here's
what you'll need to bring:  a basic tool kit containing a paper
trimmer, adhesive & journaling pen, a 2" square punch & foam
adhesive squares.  I'll give you photo details on what to bring
when you sign up.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun Photos

This weekend was my little great nephew Ben's 3rd birthday.  Ok.  How can I be old enough to have great
anythings?  Until Sunday, I'm still just 40.  But I
digress.  Becky threw a splendid Cars birthday party for Ben,
complete with a Cars cake...pinata...and rain.  Here are some of my
favorite shots from the party:

That's great-grandpa Ernie with Jadyn, Ben, Ryan, Sean & Logan. 

Jadyn, striking a pose.
Ben, the birthday boy.
Little Ryan...he's 2.

Sean, with his big 'ol hunk of fool's gold.

Logan.  The social events planner.  Made sure everyone had a great time!

There's my handsome husband!

And this is Stevie.  Isn't she a doll?  This is my favorite photo from the day.

am learning so much in my photography class.  Fill the frame with
your story.  Change viewpoints.  Quit shooting in auto. 
Play with aperture & light.  Don't use a flash.  Metering
(which I so don't have down yet).  White balance (ditto).  It
has made my hyper critical of my photos.  I could tell you tons of
things that are wrong with each & everyone of these....but you know
what?  I don't even care.  They are great photos from my
little nephews party & they tell a story of a really great birthday
party.  Really, that's all that matters.   I can't wait
to scrapbook them!  You'll be seeing them shortly I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So who knew people
other than my family, friends & customers read my blog?  After
my post yesterday this was in my email from :

I just saw your blog post from today mentioning your recent print order.
I'm sorry we weren't able to change the border choice on your order for
you when you called (it shipped today, btw), but I do want to make sure we
deliver you a product you're happy with.  I've credited your account
with 102 free 4x6 prints so that you can re-order with the correct border, if
you like.

Please do let me know what you think of your prints when they arrive.

Best regards,
Dean Cookson
Director, Systems and Support Operations

That was very generous of them.  Thank you, Dean. 
Great customer service from you.  Although, I would have been
way happier had the photos been fixed when I reported the
error.  Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!  Know anything about
that bat phone?

I haven't received my photos I couldn't tell you what the
quality is...but when they come I'll have them here for you all to look
at & evaluate....and in the meantime, I'm going to use that credit
& re-order my photos.  Without that dang border. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When it rains, it pours.


I love it when it rains.  I guess if I lived in Seattle I'd feel
differently.  But since I live in Flagstaff, I have a serious
appreciation for the rain.  We need it so very badly. 
Every year the monsoons bring rivers of rain to my parking lot.  A
few years ago they re-did the parking lot...and created a river that
typically runs straight to my my front door.  Makes perfect sense,
doesn't it?

A few things are happening this week that you might be interested
in.  Tonight is the Little Joy mini book's at 6 pm, cost
is $20 & you'll make a fun mini book from scratch.  Wenesday
is the 5 Things I Love About You mini book class.  It's $30 &
it's so cute!  Both classes allow you to pick out paper to match
your specific theme.  Then Thursday is the Teen Night's
really for 4th thru 6th grades...and the project is super fun. 
Cost is $20 and includes all the supplies & pizza.  And then
there's Midnight Madness on Friday.  Saturday, Sherry's teaching
the transparency class, which is $20.  Here's a page from it...and
there are 2 cards, too:


You can check out our classes by clicking here....

I did a photo test.  I ordered photos from and
on the same day last week.  I'd like to say it was Wednesday, but
it could have been Thursday.  I ordered the same number of
prints....70 or different finishes.  Yesterday, the
order came in.  Nothing from snapfish yet.  I'm happy with
the quality of the scrapbookpictures photos.  They're pretty
nice.  I tried the metallic prints, matte & glossy.  I
have to say I'm a matte kind of gal so the others don't do much for
me.  A cool feature that has is you can have
them printed square.  So I had a photo of AJ printed 6x6 & it's
super cute.  I'd definately do that again! 

So why did I try online processing?  Well, I've been really bad
at getting to Sam's Club lately to download them.  And when your
card has 600 or more photos on it it takes forever to upload
them at Sam's Club.  So I haven't been going.  And the photos
keep multiplying.  So I tried online.  I haven't seen the
snapfish ones yet to see how they are, but I made a mistake when I
ordered & put a white torn border on them.  I emailed them
right away to see if I could remove it & they can't.  So right
there, I don't like them.  They said they were too automated to
make changes.  Whatever.  I'm happy with
so I'll use them again.  But I'll let you know how the snapfish
ones turn out.  And you can stop by the store to see the quality

This is just's time for us to get new phones from
Verizon.  Did you know that if you get your phone at the Verizon
store you have to pay a $20 activation fee?  And if you go online,
they offer killer deals...I got Kendall a Chocolate (the 2nd version,
not the new one) and Don a Motorola Moto completely free.  Yep, free
Not even shipping.  The same phones would have cost us $150 or
more at the Verizon store.  So now I'm thinking it's time for me to
get a new phone (a downgrade, actually...I don't really need the Treo
or the services that you have to pay for with it) and I found this:

6205-the-dark-knight 6205-the-dark-knight-3

Ok.  I'll admit it.  I love Batman.  I thought it was
just Christian Bale that I loved, but no (although he does make my heart
race).  It's Batman.  And what Batman lovin' girl wouldn't
want a Batphone all her own?  Anyone have one of these?  Do
they work well?  Do I care?  It has pre-loaded Batman goodies
on it....hmmm.....

Friday, July 11, 2008



The little one.  That's Junior.  Looks vicious, doesn't
he?  And the big one is Maggie.  Totally not taking his
crap.  Had myself a little photo shoot last night, working on some
settings for my photography class.  While this isn't a technically
perfect photo, it definitely tells the story of a dog gone crazy. 
Here are a few more from last night:

You get him, Maggie! 

Odd fact:  Maggie won't make eye contact....ever.

Mia looks so sweet here...I love that her nose looks like a
heart...and Kendall being a good sport (she's supposed to be blurry in
the photo...that was one of the many things I was working on).

And Devil Dog, oops, I mean, sweet little fact about him, he prances when he cute!

A boy & his dog.  She's not happy to be being held. 
See her claws digging into my husband's arm?  Notice, no eye
contact from her.  Should have changed my aperture's
too wide....f/2.2 if you must know....should have been f/3.5 or
higher...this could have been a cute photo.  I'm still
learning....there is so much to remember to look for...I'm hoping the
whole "second nature" thing starts happening soon!

forget about the birthday card contest & the summer page
contest!  Entries are due by 7/20.  Email me or call if you
have questions.