Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Plans


I am officially 3 weeks behind on my photography class
assignments.  My weekend will be devoted to catching up.  See
that big, thick green binder?  That's 3 weeks of class.  Yes, 3 weeks.  Before you go feelin' sorry for me you need to know that I'm lovin' every single minute of  this class! Karen Russell, the instructor, is amazing.  (We carry her paper & embellishments in the store...Creative Imaginations makes the Karen Russell Narratives
line.)  The classes are well written, easy to understand &
fun.  My problem has been time & not making enough of it. 
So this weekend I have Saturday off & after some family obligations
I'll be tackling assignment number 2.  I tackled assignment number
1 while I ate my delightful bowl of pinto beans with a beer
chaser.  Then re-read week 2 yet again...I understand shutter speed
so much better now.  Must be the beer.

Today I realized that
I hadn't started on the July classes.  Oops!  And the July
1st class (Clearly Fantastic Albums) needed to be done, like,
yesterday.  So I did it today...and I LOVE it!  Here's a little peek:


Here's the deal:  The class is 40 bucks and is on
Tuesday, July 1st at 6 pm until we're done.  The class fee includes
all of the supplies to make it and you get to pick the paper
you use.  You'll love these books.  Honest!  Mine happens
to use the new Bo Bunny Freedom Collection paper &
some other stuff thrown in there for good measure.  Bring along 16
4x6 photos & you'll have it finished that night!  Call the
store at 928-526-9292 to sign up.

Stop by the store this weekend
& say "Hi" to Bridget & Sherry!  They'll be takin' care of
business while I'm snapping photos, lots & lots of photos.

Oh, and I was corrected by Kendall's friend Leah today.  She wanted me to let you all know she's loved Skylar since first grade, not second grade as I had indicated.  So sorry, Leah.  Who knew you read my blog?  Go figure! 

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