Monday, June 30, 2008


For those moms out there having difficulty getting your child to
read, I highly suggest the Twilight series I mentioned earlier. 
Kendall has been reading non stop for a whole week.  She's
not turned on the a matter of fact, last night she asked if she
could roll over her tv, no, Verizon doesn't roll over my
phone minutes...) And she's read three, 600 page books in a week. 
My daughter.  The one who is nothing like me.  Hates to
read.  Has never finished a book before.  Has read 3.  In
a week.  Jeannie, I owe you something big. 

super bad picture but I had to be sneaky...that's her reading book
2...when she heard the shutter click she slammed the door in my
face.  Now that's the Kendall I know & love!

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