Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My daughter & her friends are off for a fun camping trip until
Friday.  They've packed all their stuff...but Kendall's ground pad
wouldn't fit into the pre-approved bag.  So many, many phone calls
later we were able to borrow a smaller pad from my brother in law. 
Only, it's not so folds up small, but I fear she'll take
over the tent.  But honestly, who wouldn't want to camp with one of
these babies:

That would be a deluxe blow up, twin sized mattress.  Yes, mattress.  Now back in the day (you, know when I walked 10 miles to school in the snow, barefoot) we camped on the ground
And sometimes you were lucky enough to get to sleep on a pool
floatie...that you had to blow up yourself, all while making your cheeks
hurt like there's no tomorrow.  This one?  Well, it self inflates.  And self deflates. 
Good golly, what has camping become?  My husband & I had one
of these once.  When you sleep with a guy that big & he rolls
over it's like being in the ocean.  Sometimes you even get thrown
off by the wave.  I have a feeling Kendall's friends will be trying
to get this from her on the 2nd night on the ground.

are my new little scallop squashes, coming up from the ground. 
And see, right there in the middle, those are the weeds I missed.  I
haven't had a garden in I remember why.  Although I
do so enjoy watching the little seedlings poke through the ground. 
Unfortunately, I thought the carrots were weeds, so we won't have many
of those....

And yes, the yard sale stuff is packed up and will be
gone today to the charities.  Now there's a big gaping hole in the
middle of the store that I plan to rectify today.  So when you
come in to buy your scrapbooks at 25% off (Wednesday, June 18th only) you'll get to see a whole new know how I love to move, we'll be putting out the new Carole's Creations sports papers & embellishments & new paper from My Mind's Eye.  You'll love it!


  1. Gotta' make a trip in there soon and see the changes. Unfortunately my
    one time when I could come browse alone ended when extracurricular
    activities finished for the school year!
    My scallop squash look just like that - same size and all.
    Unfortunately, neither the fruit trees nor lilacs faired so well!

  2. Hunter and I are available for the big harvest - whenever that may be!