Monday, June 9, 2008

Something Happens...

Something happens when you take 500 photos in a day (yep, I took 500 photos on Saturday!) come up with a few that you are some of my favorites:
Brings new meaning to "dog tired", doesn't it?

DSC_0047 My husband's "famous" Dutch Oven Breakfast (here's a not so stellar photo of what's in it)
Bacon, hashbrowns, eggs & cheese...a heart attack in cast iron, but oh so good!
Kendall has a new love....a teeny, tiny quad. (It's not ours...but she sure does want one now!)
Another one of my husband's specialties...grilled corn on the cob....yummy!
DSC_0426 I love that kid...he's blowing me kisses...

DSC_0390 DSC_0391

VERY hard not to catch  Ray-Ray without one of his cheeseball have to take A LOT of pictures or they all look like this
(not that it's bad....he just turns into a goof every time there's a
camera around):
And then there are boys & their toys (actually, they're Dave's toys....that my husband now wants)
And here's what those silly boys do with them...
Yep, he ended up in the tank...but not too bad...the second crash was muddier!
Kelsey, Leah & Kendall

It was such a great camping trip!  Truth be told, I didn't want
to go.  I had things to do at home.  At work.  No time to
dawdle at a camp site. But I'm so glad I went!  Our friend Dave
brought out his kid's 4 wheeler &  his dirt bike....which I am
terrified of...and taught the kids how to ride the 4 wheeler.  I
even rode it.  So fun!  Then the boys got stupid & drove
in circles around this teeny little water tank...over & over &
over...until my husband flipped over into the tank.  It was SO
funny!  Dave & I dang near peed our pants!
That's Dave, rolling in the grass laughing....Don's whole right side from foot to his face is covered in mud...

Then Ray-Ray came out & spent the night.  My favorite part
of having him was when the girls were playing ring around the rosie with
him & he stopped them & said "wait".  Then he ran 1/2 way
over to me & said, "Auntie Kirst, I love you!" then ran back to
finish the game.  Isn't that sweet?  Then he started with the
questions:  why is the moon out?  why is it dark?  why
don't you like hot dogs? Note:  that was said with a look of
complete & utter disbelief on his face. 

Some Ray-Ray funnies:

me:  "I love you a whole bunch"
Ray:  "My mommy & daddy love me a whole bunch, too!"

me:  "What are you digging for?"
Ray:  "Um...."
me:  "Are you digging for gold?"
Ray: "Oh yeah, GOLD, that's what I'm digging for!"

More stories to come, I'm sure....but now it's time to get ready for work.  See you soon!

Edited to add:  I know, I
know.  The boys should have been wearing helmets.  But they
didn't.  The kids? They wore helmets....I made sure of it. (Kendall
is hanging over my shoulder as I type singing "over protective").

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  1. Can someone explain why Dave and Don are NOT wearing helmets?
    Especially after Don's cow tank rollover - the first time?