Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School's out for summer!

Well, almost.  It's out tomorrow.  Couldn't come soon
enough for my daughter.  This morning she hands me this multi
colored note & wants to know if she can go downtown with some
friends after school tomorrow & hang out.  "Will there be any
parents there?"  Kendall "No, mom" (insert eye roll here). 
"Then I'll go (in a happy voice). There needs to be a parent." 
"Noooooooo!".  Turns out that her friends can't go either...because
there aren't any I'm not the only mean parent of the
bunch.  I was actually feeling a little guilty & had my husband
make a call to Kelsey's dad.  Turns out she can't go either. 
No parents.  So instead we're going to go out to lunch after
school.  Very fun!  No fights about it either!  She
must have gotten the memo that Kelsey couldn't go either. Otherwise,
there would have been a HUGE fight.  Would you let loose a bunch of
12 & 13 year old kids downtown without a parent?  Part of me
feels like I'm paranoid & then there's that other part that isn't
willing to compromise her safety no matter how over protective I seem.

Y'all have any fun plans for the summer?  We'll be sticking
close to home....leaving plenty of time for scrapbooking & creating
some new memories.  I'm taking this amazing online photography
class & I can't wait to start taking some pictures.  I just
have to get a willing subject.  Maybe tomorrow she'll be willing
when her friends are some techniques to try out!

Gotta go.  We got in a HUGE shipment of products today & we're
dilgently putting it out for you to drool over....oh the paper...just
lovely!  And the embellishments....just divine!  Ok, ok. 
That's enough.  I'll see you soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hold fast! It was hard as a teen to have a mom who was "mean" (smart,
    more like it) and didn't let me do much, but so many times as an adult,
    I've been thankful for her wisdom in saying "no." It protected me from
    so much heart ache and trouble!
    Every summer I think/hope to get lots of scrapbooking, sewing, reading,
    etc., done, but it never seems to happen! Maybe when the kids are older?
    Hope you learn lots from the photography class.