Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ok. Now school is really out.


Leah, Kelsey & Kendall....offically 8th graders now...Congratulations girls!


Kendall celebrated the last day of school with her two BFF Leah
& (me) took them to Chili's.  I let them order
virgin strawberry daquri's...they'd never heard of them
before...everytime I said "virgin" Kendall started laughing
uncontrollably.  Very funny!  After lunch I dropped them
off at the pool for an afternoon of frolicking in the sun....and
checking out boys.  The boy Leah's been obsessed with since
2nd grade "works" at the pool (he's only 13).  It's
amazing what you learn when you just kind of fade into the woodwork
& listen to their conversations....Cheers!



  1. Wow! The difference between boys and new 8th grader (boy) was
    happy to get a double whopper from Burger King and go home today. New
    senior (girl) thought that heading down to the creek (somewhere?) was a
    given right today....and of course there are several boys along!
    Congratulations to all - another school year done and summer to enjoy!

  2. i have been gone that long?! kendall is looking so grown up. and she is
    quite photogenic as well...those of us with crazy wild hair have to
    stick together!!!