Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing photos & other things

So.  I was going to post photos of beautiful glitter
papers...sparkly glitter jars...all of that shimmer & shine. 
But no, that won't happen today.  Seems I have left my camera (both
of them) at home, on the kitchen table.  I am hoping that when I
return home they will still be there (anyone remember the eye glasses I
left on the kitchen table?  Maggie has NOT out grown that horrible,
destructive habit).  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember know, I ALWAYS have a camera with me, ALWAYS.  How did it
jump out of my purse today?  Maybe it's because I'm a little
frustrated with my photography at the moment.  I'm taking a great
photography class...yet I'm producing horrible teacher
warned us this would happen.  But frankly, it makes me sad. 
The rule of thirds made me sad, too, since I thought I'd been taking pretty good photos.  No.  I'm not.  But enough of that nonsense.

On a much happier note, my daughter has started reading this
week!  YEAH!  She's 13 (almost 14) & has told me from day
one that she hates to read.  "I'm not like you.  I'm
like my dad", who wouldn't pick up a book if TV didn't exsist.  I
on the other hand, will read until my eyes hurt.  A book a day is
not unheard of.  On a typical "vacation" I'll read 5-7 books. 
Now, I don't retain anything, but mostly I read fluff so it doesn't

How did she get on this path to reading?  My friend Jeannie told
me about this series of books about teenage vampires.  And I
thought to myself, "this is it...the kid LOVES vampires".  So I
borrowed the book "Twilight":


Jeannie assured me I'd like it, too, so I read a few chapters &
mentioned it to Kendall a few times.  Next thing I know she's taken
the book, won't give it back even & we've started having a
tug-o-war over the book (it really is pretty good).  And I am
thrilled!  This is the first time she's EVER shown an interest in a
book, especially one I like.  In 3 days she's read over 200 pages,
which is unheard of for her.  She's passed me in it now, mostly
because she keeps hiding it from me.  Today she tells me, "Mom,
Edward is such a great name!"  Ok.  What?  (That's the
name of the main vampire).  "Mom, do you think he's cute?" 
and "I can't put this book down!".  And she has her best friend,
Leah, come over & Leah gets to watch Kendall read.  Even Leah
is shocked.  And now she's desperately trying to finish her book so
she can read Kendall's.  This is like the holy grail of
motherhood!  Thank you, Jeannie!  I owe you BIG!  Oh, and
Jeannie?  When you come to the store, we're ready for book


  1. Will do. Since Kendall is so excited I will make a point to stop by
    today. Happy Reading Kendall. And, by the way, I do think that Edward
    is very cute.

  2. Devouring a book in a day is such a treat and so satisfying!