Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breakfast at...and other things

Saturday morning we decided to do some community service prior to
heading out for breakfast...we always go for a 5 mile walk before
breakfast but today we decided to finish cleaning up the trail &
then part of Butler. 


We got 2 bags of trash from a one mile section...and 2 more
bags from the corner of Butler & Foxglenn.  Just the
corner.  Somebody was putting up yard sale signs & stopped to
thank us for what we were doing.  Audra found a dollar bill...I
found a pirates hook.  Don brought home a card we found that was
from a California police department describing unlawful acts...go

FYI:  the "community service" we do is
just for good karma.  We're not felons.  We're not in
trouble.  We're not on parole (as Audra's husband was telling
people the other day).  It's just honest to goodness trying to
better ourselves & the world around us.  And speaking of
picking up trash....PLEASE recycle!  The crazy garbage we found,
good golly!

After tossing our collected trash bags we hopped on our bikes & rode to:

(horrible photo, but the only one I've got) 
This is my
favorite place for lunch and dinner.  I love their chicken soft
tacos & pinto beans.  I haven't had much else because I love
the tacos so much.  So I was quite surprised when Audra picked
Tacos los Altos for breakfast.  Don got a little frisky with the


(those statues just creep me out, but the food is so good!)

had huevos rancheros...YUM...Don & Audra had breakfast burritos
which they loved.  And the price?  Can't beat it!  $15
for the whole shebang.  Tacos los Altos is located between Jack in
the Box & Arbys in East Flag. 


(Just a random cool, we didn't have beer with
breakfast, although it would have been a good compliment to the huevos


We ate it all.  And then hopped back on our bikes
& rode home.  Is it possible to waddle on a bike?  The
ride home was definately harder.  I should mention that Audra had
not ridden a bike since she was a child.  And it brought her
complete & utter joy.  I don't think the smile left her face
for hours.

Then Don & Kendall & I were off to a much
more somber event.  Saturday was the 8 year anniversary of
Flagstaff Police Officer Jeff Moritz being killed in the line of duty,
something that has touched our family deeply.  We attended a
memorial at the police department:


(that's our friend Dave Saurer)

Then we followed it up with a celebration of Jeff at Maloneys...


That's Don with Dave's wife, Maria (one of my very best friends).


And me with Dave.  (We rode our bikes...that's why I have such a lovely hairdo.)

was a lovely day & some great memories were made.  Now some
great scrapbook pages will be made....coming soon, promise!


  1. What fun, yum! and good deeds, too. You all look happy.

  2. Never would have thought of Tacos Los Altos (partly because I rarely
    venture to that side of town), but it looks good. I'm curious to see
    what all you come up with if you try and hit a different place every
    week, which would mean finding >50 places that serve breakfast in
    this town if you keep it up for a whole year! Hope you're making good
    progress on your photography class!