Monday, June 30, 2008


For those moms out there having difficulty getting your child to
read, I highly suggest the Twilight series I mentioned earlier. 
Kendall has been reading non stop for a whole week.  She's
not turned on the a matter of fact, last night she asked if she
could roll over her tv, no, Verizon doesn't roll over my
phone minutes...) And she's read three, 600 page books in a week. 
My daughter.  The one who is nothing like me.  Hates to
read.  Has never finished a book before.  Has read 3.  In
a week.  Jeannie, I owe you something big. 

super bad picture but I had to be sneaky...that's her reading book
2...when she heard the shutter click she slammed the door in my
face.  Now that's the Kendall I know & love!

Crops & Contests & Photos, oh my! breakfast post this weekend...Don & Audra ran the
Northland Hospice Run For Your Life 10k instead.  Jeez.  I
went to work (running is not my all).  Next weekend
we'll be checking out not one but two breakfast spots. 

The All Day Crop was
a tremendous success!  If you've not come to one, you're missing
out!  It's 12 hours of scrapbooking...with a make-n-take thrown in
there...and a great lunch.  This time we had a baked potato
bar.  Yum!  And Bridget brought Boston Creme Pie
Cake...delightful!  All Day Crops are scheduled for the last
Saturday of every month.  Many of the regulars come to midnight
madness on Friday & then are back again Saturday morning. 

Make sure to stop by & check out our sale area...I've
been straightening up the store, making room for new stuff & adding
to the 40% off area.  You'll be surprised at what's there!

I'll have pictures of classes posted tomorrow, along with the page contest winner.  Classes for July are up at the store.  Don't forget, Tuesday July 1st you can take this class
.  My sample is patriotic, but you get to pick the paper you want
to use.  It's a super cute acrylic book you won't want to
miss!  And the theme for July's page contest is:  Summer.  Entries are due by July 20th (hey, that's my birthday!).  And before I forget, we're having a birthday card contest, too!  Submit just one birthday card
for my birthday by July 20th & we'll have customer's vote on their
favorite one.  Winner will get a $20 gift certificate to the

My new lens came for my camera & I got to try it
out this weekend (it's a 35mm lens for my Nikon D80).  I was
hoping for more of the effect that others in my photography class were
experiencing & I wasn't disappointed.  Here are some shots from
 MacKenzie...probably the most photographic child I know.  And boy does she know how to pose!


Kendall & MacKenzie...Kendall refused to show her teeth when she
smiles.  Couldn't begin to tell you why but now she makes a point
of it.


Kendall having Bare Minerals makeup applied in Rainbow's the blurred makeup brushes in the foreground...

A really cool chandelier at Rainbow's End.

I'll leave you with that.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stamps & Stickers for sale. CHEAP!



I'm in a cleaning mood...and it's time to move out the rubber
stamps...not all of them...just most of them (several hundred,
actually).  And that's good news for you...all stamps marked with a dot are 40% off the regular marked price.  What a deal!  And the rolled stickers?  Well, they're 75% off the regular price.  Can you believe it? 


Sale prices cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.  Limited to stock on hand.  

Pretty Pictures

Took my camera on our walk this morning.  Here are a couple of pretty pictures:
Mount Elden.  I'm not sure what golf course this is...something around Continental.

from my front yard (we didn't actually plant them...they were a
stowaway in a pot of long gone daisies...pretty, aren't they?)


That's Hunter Dog, taking time to smell the roses.


The radish's are pretty prolific...they are growing like weeds!  (if they weren't in perfect rows, I'd think they were weeds!)

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing photos & other things

So.  I was going to post photos of beautiful glitter
papers...sparkly glitter jars...all of that shimmer & shine. 
But no, that won't happen today.  Seems I have left my camera (both
of them) at home, on the kitchen table.  I am hoping that when I
return home they will still be there (anyone remember the eye glasses I
left on the kitchen table?  Maggie has NOT out grown that horrible,
destructive habit).  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember know, I ALWAYS have a camera with me, ALWAYS.  How did it
jump out of my purse today?  Maybe it's because I'm a little
frustrated with my photography at the moment.  I'm taking a great
photography class...yet I'm producing horrible teacher
warned us this would happen.  But frankly, it makes me sad. 
The rule of thirds made me sad, too, since I thought I'd been taking pretty good photos.  No.  I'm not.  But enough of that nonsense.

On a much happier note, my daughter has started reading this
week!  YEAH!  She's 13 (almost 14) & has told me from day
one that she hates to read.  "I'm not like you.  I'm
like my dad", who wouldn't pick up a book if TV didn't exsist.  I
on the other hand, will read until my eyes hurt.  A book a day is
not unheard of.  On a typical "vacation" I'll read 5-7 books. 
Now, I don't retain anything, but mostly I read fluff so it doesn't

How did she get on this path to reading?  My friend Jeannie told
me about this series of books about teenage vampires.  And I
thought to myself, "this is it...the kid LOVES vampires".  So I
borrowed the book "Twilight":


Jeannie assured me I'd like it, too, so I read a few chapters &
mentioned it to Kendall a few times.  Next thing I know she's taken
the book, won't give it back even & we've started having a
tug-o-war over the book (it really is pretty good).  And I am
thrilled!  This is the first time she's EVER shown an interest in a
book, especially one I like.  In 3 days she's read over 200 pages,
which is unheard of for her.  She's passed me in it now, mostly
because she keeps hiding it from me.  Today she tells me, "Mom,
Edward is such a great name!"  Ok.  What?  (That's the
name of the main vampire).  "Mom, do you think he's cute?" 
and "I can't put this book down!".  And she has her best friend,
Leah, come over & Leah gets to watch Kendall read.  Even Leah
is shocked.  And now she's desperately trying to finish her book so
she can read Kendall's.  This is like the holy grail of
motherhood!  Thank you, Jeannie!  I owe you BIG!  Oh, and
Jeannie?  When you come to the store, we're ready for book

For Betty.


Thursday Betty is having a group of folks from work come to the
store to make clipboards.  Here are the a little
more masculine...ah what you can do with a little paper, paint & mod
podge!  Enjoy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breakfast at...and other things

Saturday morning we decided to do some community service prior to
heading out for breakfast...we always go for a 5 mile walk before
breakfast but today we decided to finish cleaning up the trail &
then part of Butler. 


We got 2 bags of trash from a one mile section...and 2 more
bags from the corner of Butler & Foxglenn.  Just the
corner.  Somebody was putting up yard sale signs & stopped to
thank us for what we were doing.  Audra found a dollar bill...I
found a pirates hook.  Don brought home a card we found that was
from a California police department describing unlawful acts...go

FYI:  the "community service" we do is
just for good karma.  We're not felons.  We're not in
trouble.  We're not on parole (as Audra's husband was telling
people the other day).  It's just honest to goodness trying to
better ourselves & the world around us.  And speaking of
picking up trash....PLEASE recycle!  The crazy garbage we found,
good golly!

After tossing our collected trash bags we hopped on our bikes & rode to:

(horrible photo, but the only one I've got) 
This is my
favorite place for lunch and dinner.  I love their chicken soft
tacos & pinto beans.  I haven't had much else because I love
the tacos so much.  So I was quite surprised when Audra picked
Tacos los Altos for breakfast.  Don got a little frisky with the


(those statues just creep me out, but the food is so good!)

had huevos rancheros...YUM...Don & Audra had breakfast burritos
which they loved.  And the price?  Can't beat it!  $15
for the whole shebang.  Tacos los Altos is located between Jack in
the Box & Arbys in East Flag. 


(Just a random cool, we didn't have beer with
breakfast, although it would have been a good compliment to the huevos


We ate it all.  And then hopped back on our bikes
& rode home.  Is it possible to waddle on a bike?  The
ride home was definately harder.  I should mention that Audra had
not ridden a bike since she was a child.  And it brought her
complete & utter joy.  I don't think the smile left her face
for hours.

Then Don & Kendall & I were off to a much
more somber event.  Saturday was the 8 year anniversary of
Flagstaff Police Officer Jeff Moritz being killed in the line of duty,
something that has touched our family deeply.  We attended a
memorial at the police department:


(that's our friend Dave Saurer)

Then we followed it up with a celebration of Jeff at Maloneys...


That's Don with Dave's wife, Maria (one of my very best friends).


And me with Dave.  (We rode our bikes...that's why I have such a lovely hairdo.)

was a lovely day & some great memories were made.  Now some
great scrapbook pages will be made....coming soon, promise!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Page Contest Entries

May Page Contest

Pages will be up for viewing & voting on Monday but I couldn't
wait to share them with you!  The theme this moths was Father's
Day.  They're pretty amazing!  You can vote until the end of
the month but have to do so in the store.  I am so glad I'm not the
one who has to choose! 

July's page contest theme:  Summer.  Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Plans


I am officially 3 weeks behind on my photography class
assignments.  My weekend will be devoted to catching up.  See
that big, thick green binder?  That's 3 weeks of class.  Yes, 3 weeks.  Before you go feelin' sorry for me you need to know that I'm lovin' every single minute of  this class! Karen Russell, the instructor, is amazing.  (We carry her paper & embellishments in the store...Creative Imaginations makes the Karen Russell Narratives
line.)  The classes are well written, easy to understand &
fun.  My problem has been time & not making enough of it. 
So this weekend I have Saturday off & after some family obligations
I'll be tackling assignment number 2.  I tackled assignment number
1 while I ate my delightful bowl of pinto beans with a beer
chaser.  Then re-read week 2 yet again...I understand shutter speed
so much better now.  Must be the beer.

Today I realized that
I hadn't started on the July classes.  Oops!  And the July
1st class (Clearly Fantastic Albums) needed to be done, like,
yesterday.  So I did it today...and I LOVE it!  Here's a little peek:


Here's the deal:  The class is 40 bucks and is on
Tuesday, July 1st at 6 pm until we're done.  The class fee includes
all of the supplies to make it and you get to pick the paper
you use.  You'll love these books.  Honest!  Mine happens
to use the new Bo Bunny Freedom Collection paper &
some other stuff thrown in there for good measure.  Bring along 16
4x6 photos & you'll have it finished that night!  Call the
store at 928-526-9292 to sign up.

Stop by the store this weekend
& say "Hi" to Bridget & Sherry!  They'll be takin' care of
business while I'm snapping photos, lots & lots of photos.

Oh, and I was corrected by Kendall's friend Leah today.  She wanted me to let you all know she's loved Skylar since first grade, not second grade as I had indicated.  So sorry, Leah.  Who knew you read my blog?  Go figure! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My daughter & her friends are off for a fun camping trip until
Friday.  They've packed all their stuff...but Kendall's ground pad
wouldn't fit into the pre-approved bag.  So many, many phone calls
later we were able to borrow a smaller pad from my brother in law. 
Only, it's not so folds up small, but I fear she'll take
over the tent.  But honestly, who wouldn't want to camp with one of
these babies:

That would be a deluxe blow up, twin sized mattress.  Yes, mattress.  Now back in the day (you, know when I walked 10 miles to school in the snow, barefoot) we camped on the ground
And sometimes you were lucky enough to get to sleep on a pool
floatie...that you had to blow up yourself, all while making your cheeks
hurt like there's no tomorrow.  This one?  Well, it self inflates.  And self deflates. 
Good golly, what has camping become?  My husband & I had one
of these once.  When you sleep with a guy that big & he rolls
over it's like being in the ocean.  Sometimes you even get thrown
off by the wave.  I have a feeling Kendall's friends will be trying
to get this from her on the 2nd night on the ground.

are my new little scallop squashes, coming up from the ground. 
And see, right there in the middle, those are the weeds I missed.  I
haven't had a garden in I remember why.  Although I
do so enjoy watching the little seedlings poke through the ground. 
Unfortunately, I thought the carrots were weeds, so we won't have many
of those....

And yes, the yard sale stuff is packed up and will be
gone today to the charities.  Now there's a big gaping hole in the
middle of the store that I plan to rectify today.  So when you
come in to buy your scrapbooks at 25% off (Wednesday, June 18th only) you'll get to see a whole new know how I love to move, we'll be putting out the new Carole's Creations sports papers & embellishments & new paper from My Mind's Eye.  You'll love it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It just occurred to me that I forgot to add the class pictures to the side bar.  Oops!  I did post's a link to the June Class Schedule...we
really have some fun classes coming up, too!  Wednesday night is
the card class & you'll make 5 super adorable cards (they're up at
the store & there's a photo of one at the link above).  Class
is only 20 bucks...or 15 if you have a coupon.  Then there's
Midnight Madness on Friday & the Clearly Fantastic class on
Saturday...check it out!  You won't be disappointed!  And did
you know that if you have 3 or more, we'll hold a class just for you
& your friends at a time that is convenient for you.  Just
shoot us an email or give us a call & we'll set it up! 
(Private crops require more people).

The Father's Day Page Contest
Entries are due on June 20th...don't forget to turn yours in!  You
should have bunches of photos from Sunday...or not.  All you have
to do is a single 12x12 page using the Father's Day theme.  Your
take on that can be anything.  And what's the worst that
can happen?  You have a page done & ready to slide into your
book after the contest ends.  Not such a bad thing, ya know?

yard sale is wrapping up & the leftovers are being donated
today.  We're giving 1/2 to the women's shelter & 1/2 to the
Arboretum for their kids programs (they're a non profit).  
And those of you who participated will have your credit posted by the
end of the day.  And no worries if you missed out.  We'll be
having another a comment & let me know when you think
would be a good month to have the next one.

Hey, did you know we have a new coffee shop next door?  Just when I'm supposed to give up caffeine, too.  Dang!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos from the weekend

Here are some photos you'll be seeing on the wall shortly, I'm
sure.  And before I forget to tell you about it, I learned of an
online place to print your photos called
through my photography class.  During June 4x6 prints are 12 cents
a piece.  Yep, 12 cents, can you believe it?  I'll be sending
these photos there to check out their quality.

That's my dad.  I just gave him a haircut.  Brave, brave man.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yard Sale Hours

Friday, 6/13 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday, 6/14 8 am to 4 pm

There is so much cool stuff to check out: tons
of Stampin' Up stamp sets & Creative Memories albums, lots of idea
books, stickers, tools, racks, decorative, there's a ton of stuff on sale in the store, too!

*Due to the wind & an abundance of paper products, the yard sale will be inside the store.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yard Sale Update

I am so excited for the Yard Sale this weekend!  We have 14 gals
signed up, which means there will be tons of great deals for YOU! 
We'll take yard sale registrations through Thursday, so if you want to
sign up you have a few more days.  Participants are being paid in
store credit & many have elected to donate the unsold goods to
charity...we'll be giving the remaining items to the women's shelter
& to the Arboretum for their kids programs.  And don't worry,
you don't have to donate your leftovers if you don't want to.

Gearing up for the Yard Sale has me pulling stuff from my garage
(fixtures), my office (everything from binders, to candles, to misc
scrapbook stuff), and our back room (more fixtures & samples). 
Then I went crazy & started to clean out all sorts of stuff in the
store...we have a ton of new product coming & just have to make some we're having a sorta pre-yard sale sale this
Wednesday.  All of our wood mounted rubber stamps are 40%
off....rolled stickers are 50% off...ribbon by the yard 50% off. 
Make sure to take advantage of the sale...when they're gone, they're
gone.  And while you're here, you should know that I've pulled
a HUGE amount of Jolee's stickers...Disney...Jolees By You...and other
things like altered art supplies,  computer programs & so very
much more than I can possibly list here (and I mean it's a HUGE amount
of stuff) and they're all 40% won't want to miss it!  So
check out our clearance area today! 
(and who knows what will be left as of Yard shop early for the best selection!)

See you soon!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Something Happens...

Something happens when you take 500 photos in a day (yep, I took 500 photos on Saturday!) come up with a few that you are some of my favorites:
Brings new meaning to "dog tired", doesn't it?

DSC_0047 My husband's "famous" Dutch Oven Breakfast (here's a not so stellar photo of what's in it)
Bacon, hashbrowns, eggs & cheese...a heart attack in cast iron, but oh so good!
Kendall has a new love....a teeny, tiny quad. (It's not ours...but she sure does want one now!)
Another one of my husband's specialties...grilled corn on the cob....yummy!
DSC_0426 I love that kid...he's blowing me kisses...

DSC_0390 DSC_0391

VERY hard not to catch  Ray-Ray without one of his cheeseball have to take A LOT of pictures or they all look like this
(not that it's bad....he just turns into a goof every time there's a
camera around):
And then there are boys & their toys (actually, they're Dave's toys....that my husband now wants)
And here's what those silly boys do with them...
Yep, he ended up in the tank...but not too bad...the second crash was muddier!
Kelsey, Leah & Kendall

It was such a great camping trip!  Truth be told, I didn't want
to go.  I had things to do at home.  At work.  No time to
dawdle at a camp site. But I'm so glad I went!  Our friend Dave
brought out his kid's 4 wheeler &  his dirt bike....which I am
terrified of...and taught the kids how to ride the 4 wheeler.  I
even rode it.  So fun!  Then the boys got stupid & drove
in circles around this teeny little water tank...over & over &
over...until my husband flipped over into the tank.  It was SO
funny!  Dave & I dang near peed our pants!
That's Dave, rolling in the grass laughing....Don's whole right side from foot to his face is covered in mud...

Then Ray-Ray came out & spent the night.  My favorite part
of having him was when the girls were playing ring around the rosie with
him & he stopped them & said "wait".  Then he ran 1/2 way
over to me & said, "Auntie Kirst, I love you!" then ran back to
finish the game.  Isn't that sweet?  Then he started with the
questions:  why is the moon out?  why is it dark?  why
don't you like hot dogs? Note:  that was said with a look of
complete & utter disbelief on his face. 

Some Ray-Ray funnies:

me:  "I love you a whole bunch"
Ray:  "My mommy & daddy love me a whole bunch, too!"

me:  "What are you digging for?"
Ray:  "Um...."
me:  "Are you digging for gold?"
Ray: "Oh yeah, GOLD, that's what I'm digging for!"

More stories to come, I'm sure....but now it's time to get ready for work.  See you soon!

Edited to add:  I know, I
know.  The boys should have been wearing helmets.  But they
didn't.  The kids? They wore helmets....I made sure of it. (Kendall
is hanging over my shoulder as I type singing "over protective").

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ok. Now school is really out.


Leah, Kelsey & Kendall....offically 8th graders now...Congratulations girls!


Kendall celebrated the last day of school with her two BFF Leah
& (me) took them to Chili's.  I let them order
virgin strawberry daquri's...they'd never heard of them
before...everytime I said "virgin" Kendall started laughing
uncontrollably.  Very funny!  After lunch I dropped them
off at the pool for an afternoon of frolicking in the sun....and
checking out boys.  The boy Leah's been obsessed with since
2nd grade "works" at the pool (he's only 13).  It's
amazing what you learn when you just kind of fade into the woodwork
& listen to their conversations....Cheers!