Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sunday, I mentioned to Kendall that we should buy a Wii.  Mostly because I want the Wii Fit game t hat
comes out tomorrow.  It's not really a game.  It's a personal
trainer on your tv.  Well, ok, it's a game, too (watch the little video on it here)
Wii, if you don't know, is the Nintendo game systems that are
interactive...they've been all over the news...what they haven't been is
all over Flagstaff.  Since they came out, they've been impossible
to find.  Not that I've looked too hard truth be told.  But
all of my friends have said how hard they are to come by.  So I
felt safe saying to Kendall, "If Target has Wii's today we should get
one."  No dumber words have ever been uttered. Honestly, I didn't
think they'd have it.  I thought to myself, wow, I'll look really
generous to her, but sorry honey, they're sold out.  Just my luck
that Target had like 10 of them.  In stock.  Crap.  So
now we're the proud owners of a Wii.  My husband just stood there
silently watching the whole thing happen.  Frankly, I think he was
stunned.  He had no idea we'd even had the conversation.  I
think inside he was doing a little happy dance.  And now he has
another toy.  (The Guitar Hero game we bought Kendall for her
birthday?  Well, he plays it every day...she, not so much.) 
So I'll be standing in line at Target tomorrow morning at 8 am to buy
the Wii Fit game (and National Treasure 2).  See you there!


  1. Ha! Ha! Funniest thing ever! You are hilarious. Just a note on the
    Wii fitness game. I think I read something about that on the internet
    yesterday...something about in Britain the parents were all bent out of
    shape because by the BMI standards of the game it was labeling their
    kids fat (even ones who were not). So just be forwarned. I don't know
    anything about the game, or if this is the exact same one sold in the
    US. But it said that it accurately does ADULT BMI but with kids there's
    fluctuates so much that it is not an accurate indicator of weight. I
    don't want Kendall thinking she's fat.

  2. I picked up the Wii Fit and it made my Mii correspond with my
    BMI. (Kind of a bummer, but accurate.) I agree with Laurie that the
    kids might not be as accurate as the adults with the BMI, but it is fun -
    and Super Hula Hoop is a great ab workout. The technology behind it is
    remarkable and great for people of all fitness levels!

  3. so. . . how do you like the Wii fit, Jennifer "my aunt" who lives over
    here just got a Wii a couple months ago we had to hunt it down, finally
    found one in Tulsa. . .but that thing is so much fun the first night
    they had it we boxed all night. We got really into it too! By the end
    of the night I was a pro, nobody could beat me!! ha ha, but the next two
    days I was so sore. . .who woulda thought you could be sore from
    playing a video game. . .