Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too much caffeine....

Give a girl a great big iced latte & see what she can
accomplish!  Got a bee in my bonnet today while I was putting out ton (and I mean tons) of new merchandise. Here's what happened:


I pulled all of this stuff...some pretty cool stuff, too...that was
in my way.  And your wondering, I care about this, why?  Well,
it's all 40% off now!  So anything in the sale area with a dot
sticker on it is 40% off...some of it is pretty new, we just had one or
two left....oh, and then there's the paper.  I added a full basket
of 50% off paper to the sale table, just in time for National Scrapbook
Day...whooo hooo!  So you may not be coming to the all day crop,
but you should head on over to shop & take advantage of these great
deals!  It's hard to tell in the photo what' there but I promise
you won't be disappointed! Time to go pass out now.  Ciao!

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