Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Snow & Tattoos

Woke up to this today....wasn't expecting all.  But the
best part?  Kendall had a two hour delay for school.  So we
lounged around in bed & watched "House".  It would have been so
cool to stay home & snuggle down & just watch all the shows
I've tivo'd in the last couple of months.  Kendall begged me to
call her in sick & to call myself in (when you own the joint, who do
you call?).  So maybe this afternoon we'll go home a little early
& veg.  I have to say, we had the best morning together that
we've had in months.  Quite pleasant, actually.


Stopped for coffee this morning at Coffee & a Prayer (really
called:  White Dove).  I just LOVE that coffee...and a double
non fat latte with sugar free vanilla was only $2.90 (INCLUDING
tax).  Now that's a deal.  Picked up this little postcard on
their counter while I was there.  I took me a while to figure out
what it was...then I read the words.


The picture is actually quite beautiful..and then you realize what it
is.  Click on the photo to make it bigger & you'll see. 
Now, I have a tattoo (shocking, I know).  Have had it for, oh I
don't know, 10 years or so.  And while it was fun & all, I
can't imagine having a portrait of the experience.  But that's just
me.  And my tattoo is not nearly as cool as this one.  I
think this is a totally fun marketing message...honestly, the words made
me laugh....a lot!  And who knows?  Maybe it'll make me want
to get another tattoo :)

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