Tuesday, May 13, 2008

QuicKutz Deals too good to believe!

Ok, I love QuicKutz, that's no secret.  So when they offered me a
deal on some alphabets, I jumped at the chance!  And I'm passing
on the deals to you, my dear friends.  Some have been retired a
short time...some quite a few years.  They're really ones you can't
go wrong with!  Purchase any one of the alphabets listed below
this week (May 13-17, 2008) and we'll give you an entry number into the QuicKutz Dream Vacation Sweepstakes!  Here they are:

Classic Complete Alphabets for $120 (regular price $200):  Emily, Tangerine & Biography

Zoe $40 (regular price $100)

Maggie Mini Complete $60 (regular price $150)

(told you they were good deals!)

Purchase any of the Limited Edition Sets & we'll give you an extra entry for them, as well!

Fiesta, Chopsticks, Exotic Island, Mademosielle all just $100!

I'd love to hear that one of my customers won one of the 4 trips
QuicKutz is giving away!  I'd love it even more if they'd take me
:)  Just kidding!

And these prices are so good that we can't give any extra discounts
on them or combine with any other sales or offers.  Sorry! 
And hey, if you don't live here, I'll mail 'em to you.   
Quantities are get here or call quick! 

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