Saturday, May 10, 2008

Morning Adventure

This morning we decided that our walk would be a "community service"
walk.  Don, Audra & I brought along 13 gallon trash bags and
picked up trash on the way back down the urban trail.  First, I
wish I had a camera with me.  And second?  People are
pigs.  Good gosh, the garbage we picked up was amazing:  a
tarp, a shoe, a t shirt, LOTS of Modella beer bottles (ok, this is a
little rich for the back woods), cheese in a can (what?), really,
copious amounts of garbage.  Who walks down a road & throws
their garbage on the ground?  We filled our bags far too
early.  I think this will have to be a Saturday ritual...and next
time I'm bringing the camera. 

Saturday morning brings breakfast at a new resturaunt.  This
week was Don's choice.  Since he drives he keeps it a surprise
until we get there.  This morning he pulled into H.O.G.S.  My
response?  "You're shittin' me."  Never in my life had I
considered eating there.  Promise, I'm NOT a snob, but it just
didn't look like a place I'd want to eat at.  But ya know, it was
REALLY good!  And dirt cheap.  The three of us ate for
$18.  Can you imagine?  Don had the chicken fried steak
smothered in green chilie, with  eggs & hashbrowns (yes, this
is the guy who refused to eat pastries, but the waitress recommended
it), Audra had a waffle (good, but not as good as Galaxy Diner), and
me?  I had pigs in a blanket.  Yum!  I asked the waitress
if the chorizo was beef or pork (I don't eat beef) and she said "I've
never heard that question in the whole 9 months I've worked here." 
Also heard from the waitress, "are you staying at the
Travelodge?"  Um, no.  We just like taking pictures of our
food.  Yep.  We're weird.



The parsley was a nice touch with my pigs in a blanket :)


LOVE the mural.  And all the pig decorations.  They're not
for sale, by the way.  Should have taken a photo of the pig phone
by the me.


It's hard to tell in this picture, but this is the most patriotic
place I've been.  See that wall with all the stuff on it? 
It's covered with Support Our Troops words & photos.  There's a
booth covered with a red table cloth that says "please don't sit
here.  This table is reserved for our troops that cannot be
here."  Very cool.  Definately will eat here again.



  1. The H.O.G.S. platter - best deal in town for breakfast - $3.95 gets you -
    2 eggs, 1 strip of bacon, 1 sausage link, a slab of ham, hashbrowns,
    and your choice of 2 biscuits or 2 pancakes. Seems a good use of 4

  2. I think our next staff meeting should be here. Looks like fun!