Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little things that make you smile..


This place makes a seriously good cup of coffee...and it's cheap,
too...and if you're lucky, it comes with a free prayer :)  It's at
the corner of 4th & 7th street, next to Coconino Federal.  The
bohemian dude inside takes pride in his coffee skills....pretty designs
on the hot ones....layered coffee in the cold ones (if you can imagine
that!).  The place just makes me smile.

I have plans for a weekend challenge for you tomorrow.  Just
want to fine tune my idea/page & then I'll post involves
taking a photo so get your camera's ready!

In the meantime, last night we went to my daughters "Quilt Museum" at
school.  Now, my daughter has been telling me they've been working
on this project for months.  When I asked if we should invite
family to it she said no, it's not a big deal.  Um, what? 
Turns out it was a HUGE deal.  And our family would have LOVED
it.  Little shit.  Anyway, each group of kids was assigned at
time period & had to create costumes, quilt squares, artifacts,
& had to act like they were from that time period.  It was
AWESOME.  I realized this morning that it was set up to follow
according the the period in time.  (I'm quick).  I took photos
of each of the quilts & plan to print them all on a 12x12 layout,
with this picture of Kendall on the 2nd page:


She's a diva.  And she was mortified that I was taking pictures....

Here are some of the quilts (there were 20 or more there....lost count):





Aren't these cool?

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