Thursday, May 1, 2008

Contest Winners

Drumroll, please....the winner of the April "Spring" Page Contest is....




Congratulations to Laurie Schwartz!  Laurie wins a $20 gift
certificate to About Memories and More and will be featured in a
calendar available in December!

The winners from the Shop Hop Drawing are:

Betty Groom $100 worth of Lasting Impressions products

Carol Harvey $25 basket of products from Red Car Productions

Brittany Harris $25 bag from Maps2Memories

and Carol Harvey also won a $25 gift certificate to About Memories
and More for visiting all 13 stores participating in the Shop Hop.

Congratulations to all of you!


  1. Congratulations Laurie - I loved this page, it captured the beauty of
    the photo perfectly! I picked it out as a favorite when I saw it
    online, and loved it even more when I saw it in person.

  2. Congrats Laurie!!! Now for sure we better not hear anymore about winning
    from you!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  3. Now, Laurie- I defintely want to know the secret of winning from you!
    Like I told you in Sedona' I think you must be a Scrapbooking Buddha!!
    I'm not saying we need to rub the belly, but pat you on the back and say
    Congradulations (finally)!! So does this mean we get to have some peace
    and quite about the page contest!! Ha!Ha!Ha! Laurie, you really do make
    awsome pages. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yahoo..Laurie! You won! And are we ever glad! Your Ladybug page was