Thursday, May 1, 2008

Challenge 2

I'll be posting photos from yesterday's challenge in a bit (as well
as the page contest winner) but I wanted to make sure to announce
today's challenge first thing this morning. 

Today, take a photo or write a bit of journaling about something
you're grateful for.  I thought hard about this this morning, &
I have to say, my little Mia dog wins again.  I am so grateful
that she's coming home from the vet today.  I am so grateful that
she's going to be ok.  I am so grateful that she loves me
unconditionally.  I get no crap from her (other than the real kind
of crap).  She's happy.  She's sweet.  I'll try to post a
picture of her re-hydrated little smiley face when she comes home. edited
to add:  I didn't forget to post the picture.  Mia had to
spend another night in the pet hospital.  We're hoping she comes
home tomorrow.

What are you grateful for today?

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