Saturday, May 24, 2008

Breakfast at....

Ok.  I know you've all been  waiting with bated breath to
see where we chose for breakfast this weekend.  And you didn't miss
anything last weekend...we didn't go.  Pesky job got in the way
:).  Now to resume our regularly scheduled breakfast....

This week was Audra's turn to pick...The Campus Coffee Bean. 


I was pretty excited...they make a damn good cup of coffee. 
It's a bit of a different experience for a sit down order at
the counter, wait for them to make your drinks, pick out your own table
& then grab your own food when it's up.  Totally laid
back.  There's not a no odd comments about taking
pictures of my food (I think the chick at the counter just thought we
were tourists) 


The amibance is quite fun.  I LOVE the murals.  Very
fun!  Audra & I got the Greek Veggie Omlets & Don got The
Works breakfast burrito.  I just got plain coffee...I love that
they have a bank of coffee urns with different coffee to choose
from.  I choose the French Vanilla flavored.  Not only totally
EXCELLENT but apparantly loaded with enough caffeine that I could have
run a marathon & had energy to spare...after only 2 cups. 


The best part about the meal was the 9 grain toast.  We're
assuming it came from The Village Baker from next door, but honestly,
who knows.  I don't even like bread but it was super good. The
other food was fine.  But next time I go, I'm having coffee &
toast.  Here are some photos to share (and yes, they make it into
my Breakfast At.... book each project I'm actually keeping up



Isn't that a cool mural?

And taken from the parking lot at Target after breakfast:


Happy Saturday!

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