Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breakfast at....


Yep.  That's Denny's alright.  Not the local joint I would
have normally chosen....I'd rather go local...but this morning time was
an issue...on All Day Crop Days we typically pick a chain & then
drop Audra & Don off at the store while I come home &
shower...they clean...and the store is ready to go by 7:30-8:00. 
So there you have it.  Denny's (plus, we had a 20% off coupon,
cant' beat that!)

The waitress suggested "Eggs Over My Hammy" as
her favorite on the menu.  I've had it before so I ordered it again
(a grilled chees with scrambled eggs & ham...delightful!) 


Audra went with the Belgium Waffle (I bet you're all shocked!) &
Don ordered the meat scrambler...I'm sure it has a real name, but I
didn't catch it.  He asked for sliced tomatoes instead of pancakes
or toast...not the moon, promise...and the waitress said, "your choices
are pancakes or toast.  Which would you like?"  Um, neither, I
guess.  (still livin' the South Beach Diet...when it's convenient
for him).  But when the food came out, there were sliced
tomatoes.  Brought a smile to his face!  My sandwich was quite
yummy...the hashbrowns & coffee were just icky.  Audra said
her waffle was just as good as the one at Galaxy Diner that she just
can't get over.  And the orange mango juice?  A keeper. 
The only downer was the price:  $36 for the 3 of us.  As an
added value, we got to watch a guy brush his teeth & spit in the
parking lot & his kids ate in the returaunt in their pj's. 
Classy joint!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Sign ups are being taken for our first ever About Memories and More Scrapbook Yard Sale! 
It's going to be very fun!  I just ordered the yard sale ad for
the paper...can you believe that it was 50 bucks MORE to list an ad for a
business than for personal.  Same ad.  Same size. 
What's with the 50 bucks?  CRAZY!  (my poor husband had to
listen to a long tirade on it...sorry, honey!

There are still a few spots left for tomorrows All Day's
just $25 & includes yummy chili for lunch...a cute make-n-take page
that Sherry (oops!  I almost called her Rachel!) just made. It's
sure to be lots of fun!  And Kendall will be making her world
famous brownines...I think after making about a pan a day she's getting
to be an expert at them!

Have a FABULOUS weekend! 

A fun little album

On Tuesday night we're having the Custom Word book class.  If
you didn't have a chance to order your word & would like to take the
class we have some of the albums in stock.  (ARIZONA, Grand
CANYON, DAD, MOM, etc).  The class is $30 and includes
the book & paper to make it  You'll need to
bring:  scissors, adhesive (preferably Art Institute Glue), a
black and/or brown ink pad, an exacto knife with a new blade, a
cutting mat & any 3-D embellishments you think you'd like to
use.  Class is from 6-9 pm.  Here's an example of a book I
just made for a customer (it's not at the store any longer...sorry!):








You'll be picking out paper when you get here to make your book
special.  We'll take reservations for the class up until noon on
Tuesday, June 2nd...hurry & reserve your
spot!  526-9292    

This just in....

Check out all the pretty, pretty ring albums we've gotten in:


All sorts of new abums from:  American Crafts (Ali
Edward's favorite album), We R Memory Keepers (my favorite
albums), Making Memories in both 12x12 & 8x8 (SUPER cute!), and
Pebbles, Inc.  Also, the 4x6 photo sleeves are in for
the POST albums (they do fit the ring We R Memory Keeper
albums...they're just a bit longer).

And then we got these things in, too:


Kits for fast pages...can't beat that!


AMAZING laser cut paper for baby, wedding, tropical & stars from KI Memories   


Great travel paper from Heidi Swapp...the one on the right has an
attached partial sheet that says JOURNEY.  It can be punched out
& used as a title on your page...very cool!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Friend,

Well hello!  I've tried to write you three times this
morning...the TypePad gods have not been working in my favor...hopefully
my luck has changed! 

So how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good!  Friday was
an awesome day for creativity...I was able to get lots of pages done
for the store.  I know, I know.  You were thinking all I do is
scrapbook all day.  Silly girl!  Here's my favorite page:




I actually remembered to bring my camera along on our walk on
Saturday.  It was overcast & kinda snowy, really, perfect
weather for taking pictures!  Here are some of my favorites:

P1040143 P1040142


And look at this great picture of Kendall!


Sunday we went to see Indiana Jones...very fun!  And Monday, my
dad & Ray Sr. came over & brought me buckets & buckets
of horse poop.  Aren't I the luckiest girl around?!


Well, I'd better go...lots of new stuff just came in & I
have to find a home for it.  Laser cut paper from KI Memories that
is to die for!  New Making Memories...can't wait!

Write back soon!



PS  Don't forget to come in to vote for the Mother's Day Page
contest!  Oh, and there's a Fast & Easy page class All Day Crop on Saturday, too!

PSS The random winner from the comment contest is:

I seem to only be able to scrapbook when the house is
completely empty for a few days, and that is when I can make a mess and
make some head way. I like what I get done, but it never seems to be
enough time.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Breakfast at....

Ok.  I know you've all been  waiting with bated breath to
see where we chose for breakfast this weekend.  And you didn't miss
anything last weekend...we didn't go.  Pesky job got in the way
:).  Now to resume our regularly scheduled breakfast....

This week was Audra's turn to pick...The Campus Coffee Bean. 


I was pretty excited...they make a damn good cup of coffee. 
It's a bit of a different experience for a sit down order at
the counter, wait for them to make your drinks, pick out your own table
& then grab your own food when it's up.  Totally laid
back.  There's not a no odd comments about taking
pictures of my food (I think the chick at the counter just thought we
were tourists) 


The amibance is quite fun.  I LOVE the murals.  Very
fun!  Audra & I got the Greek Veggie Omlets & Don got The
Works breakfast burrito.  I just got plain coffee...I love that
they have a bank of coffee urns with different coffee to choose
from.  I choose the French Vanilla flavored.  Not only totally
EXCELLENT but apparantly loaded with enough caffeine that I could have
run a marathon & had energy to spare...after only 2 cups. 


The best part about the meal was the 9 grain toast.  We're
assuming it came from The Village Baker from next door, but honestly,
who knows.  I don't even like bread but it was super good. The
other food was fine.  But next time I go, I'm having coffee &
toast.  Here are some photos to share (and yes, they make it into
my Breakfast At.... book each project I'm actually keeping up



Isn't that a cool mural?

And taken from the parking lot at Target after breakfast:


Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy at work...for you!

Look what's back in...



The post photo sleeves fit both the ring albums & the post albums.  Love them!  But then you already knew that!


Our new & improved baby section....LOTS of new stickers, rub on's, embellishments & papers...they are so adorable!

Stop by this weekend to check out all the fun new products we've
gotten in!  And before I forget, we're totally re-stocked on our
Bazzill Cardstock...such pretty colors!  Many of them brand
spankin' new!

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!  We're open Friday til 6 pm,
Saturday 10-4 and closed Sunday.  We'll also be closed for Memorial
Day (but are open on Mondays that aren't holidays).  See you soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Page Contest Entries

May mosaic

Here are the entries for the May Page Contest.  The theme was
Mother's Day.  The pages, well, they're super cute!  Stop by
the store to cast your vote before the end of May.  Winners get a
$20 gift certificate to the store & published in a calendar
available in December. 

Our First Ever Scrapbook Yard Sale

we're ready to get busy on our First Ever Scrapbook Yard Sale...whooo
hooo!  Below is the agreement.  If you'd like it
emailed to you, just email me at
& I'll send it to you.  You can also print this out &
bring it to the store.  If you have any questions, please email
me.  This is going to be such a huge hit...I can't wait!





Agreement for participation in the About Memories and More

First Ever Scrapbook Yard Sale June 13-14, 2008.

What a great way to clean out the closet!  You’ll be able to get

rid of the old….and trade it for new stuff!  How great is that? 

All you have to do is pack it up, mark it with your id & price &

drop it off at the store…we’ll handle the rest of the details. 

Here are the little details you need to know about:

  • Cost of participation is $15 per person.  Payments may be made in cash, check or by visa/mastercard.  No refunds will be given.

  • Once we receive payment we will issue you a unique ID that you agree to mark on all of the items you wish to sell.  Participant is responsible for marking all of their items clearly with their unique ID and price.

  • Please package paper in packs of 10 sheets or more. 

  • Items that may be sold include:  stamps, paper, stickers, scrapbooks, scrapbook tools, acrylic paints, brads, embellishments, storage containers, etc. 

  • About Memories and More is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Yard sale items may be dropped off at the store Monday, June 9th through Thursday, June 12th. 

  • At the close of business Saturday, June 14th any remaining items will be boxed up and donated to charity.  If you would like your items back, you must tell us or we will assume you want them donated.

  • All participants will be paid in store credit for the exact dollar amount sold.  Participants will not be paid for items donated to charity.

Name of Participant:___________________________________________

Phone Number:_______________________________________________

Unique ID Number:____________________________________________

I have read and understand the requirements of the Yard Sale:  _____________________________________________________________

I wish to have my remaining items donated to charity:______________________

You've just got to enter!

Found this link to Creating Keepsakes to enter to win a Nikon D60 camera set up
You've just got to enter!  I have a Nikon N80 & it is THE best
camera I've ever owned.  And to win one for FREE?  How could
you not enter?


Sunday, I mentioned to Kendall that we should buy a Wii.  Mostly because I want the Wii Fit game t hat
comes out tomorrow.  It's not really a game.  It's a personal
trainer on your tv.  Well, ok, it's a game, too (watch the little video on it here)
Wii, if you don't know, is the Nintendo game systems that are
interactive...they've been all over the news...what they haven't been is
all over Flagstaff.  Since they came out, they've been impossible
to find.  Not that I've looked too hard truth be told.  But
all of my friends have said how hard they are to come by.  So I
felt safe saying to Kendall, "If Target has Wii's today we should get
one."  No dumber words have ever been uttered. Honestly, I didn't
think they'd have it.  I thought to myself, wow, I'll look really
generous to her, but sorry honey, they're sold out.  Just my luck
that Target had like 10 of them.  In stock.  Crap.  So
now we're the proud owners of a Wii.  My husband just stood there
silently watching the whole thing happen.  Frankly, I think he was
stunned.  He had no idea we'd even had the conversation.  I
think inside he was doing a little happy dance.  And now he has
another toy.  (The Guitar Hero game we bought Kendall for her
birthday?  Well, he plays it every day...she, not so much.) 
So I'll be standing in line at Target tomorrow morning at 8 am to buy
the Wii Fit game (and National Treasure 2).  See you there!

A schedule chock full 'o fun!

hJust a quick reminder that the Made in Minutes class is tonight at 6
pm.  Cost is $25 and you'll be making 5 pages...they're super cute
(scroll down to see)!  And tomorrow night is the card class
"Pleased to Greet You" at 6 pm.  It's $20 and we'll be making
Father's Day cards and in honor of Memorial Day we'll also be making
military/USA themed cards.  The military cards were a special
request.  The requestor thought it would be nice to send some cards
to our military personnel.  I thought we could donate them to the
American Legion if you don't have someone in mind.  Both classes
will be fun...please join us!


Here's what else is happening this month:

Friday, May 23rd Midnight Madness $10 6 pm to Midnight
Saturday, May 24th Potluck Crop $5 10 am to 4 pm...bring a snack to share
Tuesday, May 27th Tool Time with Kris & Sharon $10 6 pm to 7 pm  Brads, Eyelets & the Crop-a-dile tool

Wednesday, May 28th Fast & Easy Pages $25 6 pm to 9 pm
Friday, May 30th Midnight Madness $10 6 pm to Midnight
Saturday, May 31st All Day Crop $25 8 am to 8 pm

Check out our calendar for June, July & August classes.  We'd love to see you!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Saturday!


My little Mia dog would like to wish you the happiest of weekends!

Everyone needs a little glitter in their lives....



Who doesn't love a little sugar coated cardstock from
Doodlebug?  The striped paper is from Doodlebug, too.  The
white scalloped paper from Bazzill was used first as a template for the
other papers & then part of it was used for the page.  The
QuicKutz font is Katie.  The ribbon is velvet ribbon from Lasting
Impressions. Sugar coated cardstock is a little tricky to get things to
stick to it.  The best option I've found so far is to use glue
dots.  Everything else seems to pop right off.   

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This just in...Pebbles Inc Share & Tell System


It's AWESOME!  Come by & check it out!  (And don't
forget...all scrapbooks & page protectors are 20% off during the
month of May)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

QuicKutz Deals too good to believe!

Ok, I love QuicKutz, that's no secret.  So when they offered me a
deal on some alphabets, I jumped at the chance!  And I'm passing
on the deals to you, my dear friends.  Some have been retired a
short time...some quite a few years.  They're really ones you can't
go wrong with!  Purchase any one of the alphabets listed below
this week (May 13-17, 2008) and we'll give you an entry number into the QuicKutz Dream Vacation Sweepstakes!  Here they are:

Classic Complete Alphabets for $120 (regular price $200):  Emily, Tangerine & Biography

Zoe $40 (regular price $100)

Maggie Mini Complete $60 (regular price $150)

(told you they were good deals!)

Purchase any of the Limited Edition Sets & we'll give you an extra entry for them, as well!

Fiesta, Chopsticks, Exotic Island, Mademosielle all just $100!

I'd love to hear that one of my customers won one of the 4 trips
QuicKutz is giving away!  I'd love it even more if they'd take me
:)  Just kidding!

And these prices are so good that we can't give any extra discounts
on them or combine with any other sales or offers.  Sorry! 
And hey, if you don't live here, I'll mail 'em to you.   
Quantities are get here or call quick! 

New from Doodlebug Designs

I'm totally loving this new paper from Doodlebug Designs!  It's's super easy to all coordinates....some of it is
even flocked...VERY cool!  Nice bright colors, too!  And it's
in the store now!


Mark Your Calendars....

So here's the scoop:

Sherry is teaching this fun "Gracie" book tomorrow (Wed,
5/14)...don't have a dog?  Well that's ok!  You can pick out
the paper you would like to use during the you could do it
for just about anything!  Class starts at 6 pm.  Bring photos
with you!



On Saturday, I'm teaching All That Glitters.  We'll be using
Stickles...which are pretty glitter & regular
glitter.  Class starts at 11 am.  You'll need to bring a
couple of photos with you.


there's the Made in Minutes page class on Tuesday (5/20) next
week.  It starts at 6 pm.  You'll need to bring photos. 
You'll be making the same layouts...but using paper you pick, so come a
little early.


Don't forget to bring in your entry for the Mother's Day page
contest.  Entries are due May 20th.  Don't take the contest
themes too could always do a page about a duck & her's just mom related.  We'd love to see what you come
up with!

I've set a date for our first ever Scrapbook Yard Sale and it's June 13 & 14
There will be more information to come, but here's the gist of
it:  You can purchase space at the yard sale for $10 per
person.  Bring us the scrapbook supplies you'd like to sell, marked
& ready to go.  We'll put it out & sell it for you that
Friday & Saturday.  You'll be paid for your sales in store
credit.  Any remaining items that you don't want to keep will be
donated to charity.  I'll send out an email when we're ready to
start assigning tables.  The great part about this is that you'll
be able to clean out your don't have to be here for
it....and you'll get to replace your stash with fresh, new scrapbook
products using your store credit.  Very cool!

Begining in June, we'd like to feature a scrapbook artist & their
work.  Would you like to be featured?  If so, stop by the
store with a few of your favorite pages, cards or other paper crafting
ideas.  We'll select a different person each month.  What's in
it for you?  Showing off your favorite work and a $20 gift
certificate to the store the month you are featured. 

Snow & Tattoos

Woke up to this today....wasn't expecting all.  But the
best part?  Kendall had a two hour delay for school.  So we
lounged around in bed & watched "House".  It would have been so
cool to stay home & snuggle down & just watch all the shows
I've tivo'd in the last couple of months.  Kendall begged me to
call her in sick & to call myself in (when you own the joint, who do
you call?).  So maybe this afternoon we'll go home a little early
& veg.  I have to say, we had the best morning together that
we've had in months.  Quite pleasant, actually.


Stopped for coffee this morning at Coffee & a Prayer (really
called:  White Dove).  I just LOVE that coffee...and a double
non fat latte with sugar free vanilla was only $2.90 (INCLUDING
tax).  Now that's a deal.  Picked up this little postcard on
their counter while I was there.  I took me a while to figure out
what it was...then I read the words.


The picture is actually quite beautiful..and then you realize what it
is.  Click on the photo to make it bigger & you'll see. 
Now, I have a tattoo (shocking, I know).  Have had it for, oh I
don't know, 10 years or so.  And while it was fun & all, I
can't imagine having a portrait of the experience.  But that's just
me.  And my tattoo is not nearly as cool as this one.  I
think this is a totally fun marketing message...honestly, the words made
me laugh....a lot!  And who knows?  Maybe it'll make me want
to get another tattoo :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Meet Olivia...


Meet our newest employee, Olivia.  We're so excited to have her! 

(And we're still looking for it you we're looking for?)

Grad Banner


Made this grad banner this was SO easy & SO
cute!  I used the scallop square on the store's die-cut machine
& cut 4 squares out of silver cardstock.  I glued a sheet of 8
1/2 x 11 cardstock to a piece of blank chipboard & ran that through
the die cut machine to spell out grad.  FYI:  it's easier to
glue the cardstock to the chipboard & run it through than it is to
cut them out separately & then glue them together.  Then I
covered each letter with Art Institue Glue & black Art Institute
Glass Glitter & adhered to the scallop squares.  Tied them
together with black velvet ribbon.  Added a Jolee's grad cap &
diploma.  A very fun project, if I do say so myself!  Just
think of the possibilities!  It could be GRAD, BIRTHDAY, HAPPY,
anyone's name, really, the list is endless!

Bike to work week

Today is the start of Bike to Work Week here in Flagstaff.  I
wish I could say I rode my bike today, but alas, I took too long getting
ready this morning & had to drive.  But I do often ride my
bike in the summer time.  Here's a page I did recently...


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day




Made this for my mom today.  Wrote her a letter in the back.  I have a pretty awesome mom...Love you Mom!

Morning Adventure

This morning we decided that our walk would be a "community service"
walk.  Don, Audra & I brought along 13 gallon trash bags and
picked up trash on the way back down the urban trail.  First, I
wish I had a camera with me.  And second?  People are
pigs.  Good gosh, the garbage we picked up was amazing:  a
tarp, a shoe, a t shirt, LOTS of Modella beer bottles (ok, this is a
little rich for the back woods), cheese in a can (what?), really,
copious amounts of garbage.  Who walks down a road & throws
their garbage on the ground?  We filled our bags far too
early.  I think this will have to be a Saturday ritual...and next
time I'm bringing the camera. 

Saturday morning brings breakfast at a new resturaunt.  This
week was Don's choice.  Since he drives he keeps it a surprise
until we get there.  This morning he pulled into H.O.G.S.  My
response?  "You're shittin' me."  Never in my life had I
considered eating there.  Promise, I'm NOT a snob, but it just
didn't look like a place I'd want to eat at.  But ya know, it was
REALLY good!  And dirt cheap.  The three of us ate for
$18.  Can you imagine?  Don had the chicken fried steak
smothered in green chilie, with  eggs & hashbrowns (yes, this
is the guy who refused to eat pastries, but the waitress recommended
it), Audra had a waffle (good, but not as good as Galaxy Diner), and
me?  I had pigs in a blanket.  Yum!  I asked the waitress
if the chorizo was beef or pork (I don't eat beef) and she said "I've
never heard that question in the whole 9 months I've worked here." 
Also heard from the waitress, "are you staying at the
Travelodge?"  Um, no.  We just like taking pictures of our
food.  Yep.  We're weird.



The parsley was a nice touch with my pigs in a blanket :)


LOVE the mural.  And all the pig decorations.  They're not
for sale, by the way.  Should have taken a photo of the pig phone
by the me.


It's hard to tell in this picture, but this is the most patriotic
place I've been.  See that wall with all the stuff on it? 
It's covered with Support Our Troops words & photos.  There's a
booth covered with a red table cloth that says "please don't sit
here.  This table is reserved for our troops that cannot be
here."  Very cool.  Definately will eat here again.