Friday, April 4, 2008

"All Stars" in my book

So I taught two classes at the All Star Retreat in Williams last
night.  All Stars is a leadership group for kids.  I think
they have to be nominated by a teacher to attend.  I had two
classes of about 16 teenagers each.  Each class had several boys in
it, which I was surprised (and pleased) about.  Even more
surprising...when it was over, a couple of the boys wanted to stay for
the 2nd cool is that?!  They had a BLAST!  They
were the funniest group of kids!  I just really enjoyed
their company.  They were all giggly & well, just FUN!  We
made the Little Things That Bring Me Joy book...just the "bones" of it,
actually...and they just got it.  I love it when you can
see the wheels start turning & they get it.  And I heard, "my
mom is in your store, like, every day!" from quite a few of them. 
"Do you know my 4H leader, Nola?"  Why yes I do.  "Do you know
my mom?"  Yep, her, too!  It was very cool.  And Bridget's son (she works for me) Zach was a "helper" and he was funny as can be (he is so
his mother's son!).  He has quite a way with the ladies, let me
tell you.  And he knows how to work that paper trimmer!


Shhhh, I'm off to devour a pan of brownies that Kendall just
made.  Gotta get my energy up for the last day of our No Foolin'
Sale tomorrow!  See you soon!

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