Thursday, April 3, 2008

Private Parties

I love private parties at the store.  Even away from the
store.  Yesterday, we booked a ton of them...VERY exciting!  I
love that I can create a project for a small group of people...or not
so small...I'd love to do this for YOU!  So here's what we have
going, so you can get an idea of just some of the things we can do:

  • Tonight I'm teaching 40 high school kids how to create the
    Little Things That Bring Me Joy book.  They are All Star Kids at a
    special retreat.  They have high grades & great attitudes &
    just deserve the retreat so much!  I can't wait!

  • This sweet little Girl Scout, Jocelyn, came in yesterday &
    wanted to know if I'd teach a few of her friends to scrapbook at this
    little event she was throwing to earn her Bronze badge.  Of course I
    said yes...and then I asked how many.  Only 50.  Only. 
    Actually, I love that!  And I love that I will have Girl Scouts as

  • This cool kid named Nicole has been so excited about having her
    birthday party here ever since she found out we do them.  She can't
    wait!  Neither can I :)

  • Some fabulous Red Hatters are coming to make the Little Things That
    Bring Me Joy book, too.  I underestimated the popularity of that
    little book.  It is so fun!  And I am so glad to be teaching
    it so much! 

  • Some moms from Williams booked a Midnight Madness in May, all to themselves.

  • We have 10 fifth graders from the reservation coming to take the Teen Night Class on a Friday night.

  • Sweet Deanna is having her birthday party at the store, too! 
    She picked out a super cute picture frame project....and we're going to
    make butterflies, too! 

So now you might be wondering how YOU can have a get together at the
store...or have us come to you!  Our parties are desinged with YOU
in mind.  We'll get a feel for what you want to do & create a
project just for YOU!  We charge by the person, depending on the
project.  Private parties require 5 people or more.  A private
midnight madness requires a minimum of 10.  We do all the prep
work & clean up.  You provide the guests & snacks. 
It's that simple!   

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