Monday, April 28, 2008

Now Hiring

It's time to start the hiring process.  Jenna will be graduating
NAU next week, so her last day is Saturday (May 3rd, which,
incidentally, is National Scrapbook Day).  She'll be taking a giant
leap & moving to Oregon.  Pretty cool...pretty fearless...what
a great experience!  And Lanora will be leaving shortly as
well...she's due to have her baby the end of August (although we tease
her that we're SURE she's due in June...or maybe twins??)  And
Bridget & Sherry?  Well, those two fantastic girls are here to
stay!  No worries!

So here's the scoop: You need to submit a 2 page
12x12 layout about why you want to work at About Memories &
More.  Include your past work experience,  your contact
information & why you think your a good fit for our store. 
It's a part time position, 10-20 hours a week.  Please submit your
"applications" in person.  No phone calls.  You can email me
questions at

Here's who I'm looking for: I am
looking for someone with excellent sales skills.  A go getter with a
great work ethic.  A scrapbooker would be great or a card maker or
general paper crafter...someone who wants to work at the scrapbook store...not because of money but because you love the store
Someone who likes people.  A lot.  Someone who is flexible
& dependable.   Someone who is available on
Saturdays.  Late nights on Friday nights and during the week as

Here's what's in it for you:  We pay $7 an hour
and employees who work 8 or more hours a week get a 25% discount. 
Stay for 6 months & the discount goes up.  A year or
more?  It goes up again.  It's a fun place to work!  The
customers are friendly.  The projects are fun.   

Are you right for About Memories and More?

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