Thursday, April 3, 2008

A little Wednesday Chaos

Why don't I ever think to get a camera when the shit hits the
fan?  Because, really, right now it's pretty funny.  And
really, I'd love to scrapbook it.  The mess?  Well, lets say
it was incredible!  Yesterday I get a phone call from my hysterical
daughter screaming that the water heater exploded & she tried
calling her uncle (my very handy brother) & he wouldn't answer &
"mommy, there is water EVERYWHERE".  So I jump in my car &
dash home...while calling my dad to help out...and my husband, who's at
work.  You see, I am pretty worthless in the mechanical workings of
things but I sure can dial a phone.  Anyway, my husband is at work
but has to find someone to take the prisoner in his car to the jail for
him before he can come home (for those who don't know, he's a police
officer).  He told me to turn off the water at the street. 
Ok, we're lucky I even know where the water meter is.  So I get
home, turn off the water and rush into the house.  My basement
bathroom is filled with at least 2 inches of hot water.  And
Kendall, bless her little heart, had taken ALL of the dirty laundry
& thrown it all over the bathroom floor to soak up the water. 
(this is where the camera comes in).  It was a HUGE mess. 
There was ALOT of dirty laundry.  So without going into the boring
clean up details, it got cleaned up.  I came back to work. 
And the water heater?  Well, it didn't explode.  The shut off
valve went off & since my sweet hubby forgot to attach the drain
pipe to it when he replaced it last month, the water went
EVERYWHERE.  And now it's all peaceful at my house again. 

And last week?  Kendall & I got locked in the garage....Really, I've got to remember to pull out that camera!

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