Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Hope your Earth Day was a fun one!  I rode my bike to work
today...just my little contribution to making our planet better.  I
really enjoyed it, too.  It takes 13 minutes to ride from my house
to the store.  Not too shabby.  It can take that long to
drive.    Who knew the hill by my house was that BIG. 
Holy cow!  I did learn that bike helmets=bad hair day.  But it
was worth it.  I enjoyed every second of it!  I even took a
picture of my bike when I got to the store for a new "joy" book I'm
working on...only this time it's not called Little Things That Bring Me
Joy (see the November post on that book).  I'm mulling over several
titles.  I'll keep you posted & I'll share some photos soon.

In celebration of Earth Day, Beanpod Candles has come up with a great
deal for you.  Buy one of the three Earth Day scents:  Bonsai
Tree, Earthly Embrace & Eucalyptus Lavender in a special jar &
you'll receive a 4.5 ounce jar of any scent you like for FREE (an $8
value, while supplies last).  Their candles are very earth
friendly...they're made from soybeans, not petroleum...they consume
themselves as they burn...they are made in the USA...and they smell

We've been franticly checking in new products for you...just as soon as
we get them checked in, our cute UPS dude shows up with more.  It's a
little like Christmas morning every day....exciting, fun &
exhausting!  You'll have to stop in to see all the new stuff. You won't
be disappointed!

In case you didn't get the Wednesday sale email, scrapbooks & page protectors are 25% off 4/23/08. 

See you soon!

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