Monday, April 28, 2008

Breakfast at....

Ok.  This was supposed to be the additional post on Friday.  I got busy.  I didn't get a chance.  Sorry!

Saturday mornings my husband, Audra & I grab our dogs & go
for a 5 mile hike...walk...pooping expedition...bunny chasing
event.  After breakfast we always go to breakfast at Cafe Espress
(aka Cafe Slow).  We get the same exact thing.  Every
time.  For a couple of years now.  Well, one lack luster meal
later, we decided that we should be trying other breakfast venues every
Saturday.  Only thing is that they have to be open pretty
early.  That rules out a lot of great places, I'm sure.  We
walk at 5 or 6 and are done by 6:30 or 7.  There's no sitting
around for us.  We've done this 3 times now.  And it's been so
fun!  Oh my gosh!  We hop in the car & one of us picks a
new spot.  The original idea was that we'd ride our bikes, but 3
out of 3 times, we've hopped in the car :)  We're (ok, I'm) making a
"Breakfast at..."  little book (like the joy book) with one page
containing a photo of us & a photo of our food.  Here's where
we've been & what's happened (oh my gosh this project is SO fun!)

  • Macy's  Ok, this was my choice.  A couple of weeks ago I went there & had a cup of the best coffee ever, an
    egg croissant & finished my smut book.  Totally LOVED the
    experience & wanted to share.  Audra & Don were
    hesitant.  Audra thought the place was dirty & would never
    go.  Well, it is dirty if you look.  So don't look.  The
    coffee is really HOT.  Anyway, we go & decide we're going to
    sample pastries for breakfast & have coffee.  I don't know if
    you have noticed or not but my husband lost 45 pounds doing South
    Beach.  So having pastries was not what he wanted.  Audra
    & I piggishly order 4, yes 4, different pastries & our
    coffee's.  Don?  Water.  No shit.  We sit down to
    the table & start taking our photos (makes you look like a tourist,
    but who cares) & then cut all the pastries into 1/4's.  Audra
    & I take our pastries & ask Don what he'd like to have. 
    Nothing.  Audra apologizes to him...forgot he doesn't eat carbs
    (tell that to the pans full or brownies he devours every time Kendall
    makes them...or to the cookies that are no longer at the store...but
    whatever).  So he sits there & watches us eat, while sipping
    his water.  What a kill joy.  So we kind of ignore him after
    badgering him to eat (don't take us with you if you're on a diet) and
    finish our critique.  The mocha cake?  DIVINE.  The other
    stuff?  I don't know the word to type for that noise you make when
    something is sorta ok...not something you ever need to have
    again.  Got some cool photos though!  (that are apparently not
    on this computer.)

  • Galaxy Diner If you know my husband at all you'd
    know this is the spot he'd pick.  He LOVES 50's music & the
    50's diner feel.  At this place we decide that one of us will have
    to eat whatever the waitress recommends.  Don has eggs & bacon
    & sliced tomatoes instead of hash browns (south beach), Audra, a
    Belgium waffle, me?  I get the recommendation of french toast, eggs
    & bacon.  Don & Audra LOVED their
    breakfast.  Me, not so much.  It was ok.  I think I'm a
    food snob.  Don't get me wrong.  I love food.  All
    kinds.  But this?  Not so much.  Again, got some great


  • P1030901

  • The Crown Railroad Cafe Ok, surprisingly, this is
    Audra's pick.  We walk in at 6:15 & are the only people
    there.  Open up the menu to, like, 90 omelet choices.  No
    shit.  I asked the waitress what she recommends & she looks at
    me like I'm mentally deficient & says look at the menu. 
    Alrighty then.  So Audra orders the eggs Benedict special,
    scrambled eggs, not poached.  Thought the waitress was going to
    pass out.  Don gets a chroizo omelet with sliced tomatoes. 
    She's never heard of that.  I got an omelet with spinach, mushrooms
    & bacon.  Waiting for our food, we're taking photos of the
    little train that goes around the track at the top of the
    restaurant.  Very cute until some manager type comes in and tells
    the waitress to turn off the damn train.  Nice.  Again, Audra
    & Don love their food.  Me? Not so much.  It was so very
    greasy.  And Don didn't get the tomatoes.  Must have thought
    he was kidding.  I probably won't go back again.  And we took
    photos of our food, too.  The waitress thought we were crazy
    tourists...apparently, the Japanese tourists take pictures of their food
    so they can show their families how excessive Americans are. 



(the salsa was FANTASTIC)

Who knows where we'll go next week.  My turn to pick
again.  I have to say, it's been fun.  It's fun to get a
different glimpse into our lives.  Not just show the happy
moments.  These are the real moments. 


  1. Overheard at Macy's: It's not as dirty as I remember - just old.
    Overheard at Galaxy: Really, Don makes better french toast (Kirsten)
    Overheard at Railroad Cafe: Are you sure these eggs are scrambled?
    (Cook - referencing Audra's order)

  2. Loved reading your restaurant reviews! I can't wait to find out what
    you think of the next place you go. This was a really fun to read!