Wednesday, April 30, 2008

QuicKutz Limited Edition Release--May 3rd!


These dies are so cute!  They are available beginning Saturday,
May 3rd (National Scrapbook Day).  When they're gone, they're
gone!  So hurry in on Saturday at 8 am to get your alphabets! 
Did I already say they are so cute?!  We're not supposed to
show you...but I found these images on the internet & couldn't NOT
show you!  so shhhhhhh!


These dies will not be offered at a discount.  Sorry, no
coupons, please!  We have a limited get here early!

Ok...this is AMAZING!
Six-Word Memoir book preview from SMITHmag on Vimeo.

Even if you don't have speakers, play it (although the song is REALLY
good).  It is inspiring on so many levels.  What's your six
word memoir?  Sounds like a page to me.....

(song by Pedalsped.)



National Scrapbook Day is just around the corner...specifically,
Saturday, May 3rd.  So in honor of this most important holiday :)
I'd like to issue you a challenge.  Take a photo of your most
favorite thing today.  Just a favorite thing/person/event or
whatever, from today.    Email me your photos before Thursday
morning at & I'll post your
photos.  Let's see what some of our favorite things are, shall we?

From Laurie S.


I love my kids, my husband, and my cats...but my most favorite
thing is my for keepsakes scrapbooking armoire.  I bought it used
on ebay for $700 and it included all the woman's scrapbooking supplies
(which turned out to be 4 16x16 boxes full of TOP quality
embellishments, paper, and tools).  It was my best purchase ever,
the armoire and rolling files underneath cost $1500.00 ALONE.  The
wood of the armoire has a wonderful smell and so everytime I open the
door to my scrapbooking room catch a whiff it makes me smile as I think
about what a steal it was and how many happy hours I've sat at the desk
and worked on projects..and all the future projects I plan to do
there.  I do a little happy dance in my head everytime I think
about I thought I'd share.  Oh and I love my pink scrapping
chair too!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

May Classes Sneak Peek!

Here are a couple of the classes coming up in May...schedules are at
the store or you can click on the link to the right of your
screen.  Did you know that you get to pick the paper you want to
use for the majority of our classes? Isn't that awesome?


These are for fast & easy pages.  Sherry did a fantastic job!


And both Sherry & I made these for the Made in Minutes class.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 30th is the last day to vote on your
favorite page for the spring page contest!  Don't forget to cast
your vote.  Winners will be published in a calendar available in want to make sure your favorites make it in there!

New today:  Zig Writers & Zig Metallic & Chalk Writer
pens in tons of colors.  All sold individually for just $2.99
each.  They are great for journaling, lettering, or payin' the
bills!  Love those pens!  One end is end is
fat.  Just perfect!

Yard Sales

I've been toying with this idea for quite some time but wasn't sure
how to initiate it.  But I met a gal this weekend who solidified
the details for me.  Thanks, Amy!  Anyway, thought I'd see
what you all think.  Just post a comment to let me know.

Ok.  We all have too much stuff that we don't use.  I
hesitate to call it junk.  or crap.  because, honestly, it's a
treasure to someone!  So we're going to have a customer yard
sale.  You'll pay us $10 & we'll give you a code to write on
the stuff you'd like to part with, along with your price (remember, this
is a yard sale).  We'll collect it for a time & then have a 3
day yard sale...I'm thinking in June.  After the yard sale, any
remaining items will be donated to charity.  Currently, I'm
thinking of the women's shelter, but if you have a better idea, let me
know.  You, my dear customers, will be paid for your sold items in
store credit.  How cool is that?  You get rid of the stuff you
no longer want....and get store credit to buy hot new items!  And
the best part?  You don't have to be there for the yard sale! 
We'll take care of the setting up & selling of it.  You just
come collect your credit.

Anyone interested?

Monday, April 28, 2008

A fun little photo....

I visited this gallery in Sedona way back in February.  LOVED
these paintings.  Only a mere $25,000.  Who couldn't afford
that?  Anyway, it's not a good idea to try to take photos of
paintings in a gallery.  Didn't want to go to jail....or even
worse, have my camera confiscated.  So when Bridget & I stopped
by Wildflower Bread Co. yesterday (LOVE the pomegranate freeze's &
the chocolate cupcakes...not the white ones...yuck!) I thought I'd peer
into the windows & show Bridget the fun paintings.  Good thing
they were closed.  I just might have bought one...hahaha!


But sweet Bridget said, "we'll make one for you!".  Ok, Bridget.  I'm birthday is in July....

Now Hiring

It's time to start the hiring process.  Jenna will be graduating
NAU next week, so her last day is Saturday (May 3rd, which,
incidentally, is National Scrapbook Day).  She'll be taking a giant
leap & moving to Oregon.  Pretty cool...pretty fearless...what
a great experience!  And Lanora will be leaving shortly as
well...she's due to have her baby the end of August (although we tease
her that we're SURE she's due in June...or maybe twins??)  And
Bridget & Sherry?  Well, those two fantastic girls are here to
stay!  No worries!

So here's the scoop: You need to submit a 2 page
12x12 layout about why you want to work at About Memories &
More.  Include your past work experience,  your contact
information & why you think your a good fit for our store. 
It's a part time position, 10-20 hours a week.  Please submit your
"applications" in person.  No phone calls.  You can email me
questions at

Here's who I'm looking for: I am
looking for someone with excellent sales skills.  A go getter with a
great work ethic.  A scrapbooker would be great or a card maker or
general paper crafter...someone who wants to work at the scrapbook store...not because of money but because you love the store
Someone who likes people.  A lot.  Someone who is flexible
& dependable.   Someone who is available on
Saturdays.  Late nights on Friday nights and during the week as

Here's what's in it for you:  We pay $7 an hour
and employees who work 8 or more hours a week get a 25% discount. 
Stay for 6 months & the discount goes up.  A year or
more?  It goes up again.  It's a fun place to work!  The
customers are friendly.  The projects are fun.   

Are you right for About Memories and More?


NOW OPEN ON MONDAYS!  It was just a short break.  For the
winter.  Needed to regain some sanity.  Work only 5 days a
week instead of 6.  But now, after working 25 days out of 28 this
month I cannot wait for the one day off...and Mondays?  We'll be
open.  Promise.

One little thing.  The new schedule shows classes on Tuesdays
through Saturdays.  The calendars don't contain Sunday because
we're closed.  They don't contain a Monday column because it
wouldn't fit.  So let me say again....WE ARE OPEN ON MONDAYS. 

Breakfast at....

Ok.  This was supposed to be the additional post on Friday.  I got busy.  I didn't get a chance.  Sorry!

Saturday mornings my husband, Audra & I grab our dogs & go
for a 5 mile hike...walk...pooping expedition...bunny chasing
event.  After breakfast we always go to breakfast at Cafe Espress
(aka Cafe Slow).  We get the same exact thing.  Every
time.  For a couple of years now.  Well, one lack luster meal
later, we decided that we should be trying other breakfast venues every
Saturday.  Only thing is that they have to be open pretty
early.  That rules out a lot of great places, I'm sure.  We
walk at 5 or 6 and are done by 6:30 or 7.  There's no sitting
around for us.  We've done this 3 times now.  And it's been so
fun!  Oh my gosh!  We hop in the car & one of us picks a
new spot.  The original idea was that we'd ride our bikes, but 3
out of 3 times, we've hopped in the car :)  We're (ok, I'm) making a
"Breakfast at..."  little book (like the joy book) with one page
containing a photo of us & a photo of our food.  Here's where
we've been & what's happened (oh my gosh this project is SO fun!)

  • Macy's  Ok, this was my choice.  A couple of weeks ago I went there & had a cup of the best coffee ever, an
    egg croissant & finished my smut book.  Totally LOVED the
    experience & wanted to share.  Audra & Don were
    hesitant.  Audra thought the place was dirty & would never
    go.  Well, it is dirty if you look.  So don't look.  The
    coffee is really HOT.  Anyway, we go & decide we're going to
    sample pastries for breakfast & have coffee.  I don't know if
    you have noticed or not but my husband lost 45 pounds doing South
    Beach.  So having pastries was not what he wanted.  Audra
    & I piggishly order 4, yes 4, different pastries & our
    coffee's.  Don?  Water.  No shit.  We sit down to
    the table & start taking our photos (makes you look like a tourist,
    but who cares) & then cut all the pastries into 1/4's.  Audra
    & I take our pastries & ask Don what he'd like to have. 
    Nothing.  Audra apologizes to him...forgot he doesn't eat carbs
    (tell that to the pans full or brownies he devours every time Kendall
    makes them...or to the cookies that are no longer at the store...but
    whatever).  So he sits there & watches us eat, while sipping
    his water.  What a kill joy.  So we kind of ignore him after
    badgering him to eat (don't take us with you if you're on a diet) and
    finish our critique.  The mocha cake?  DIVINE.  The other
    stuff?  I don't know the word to type for that noise you make when
    something is sorta ok...not something you ever need to have
    again.  Got some cool photos though!  (that are apparently not
    on this computer.)

  • Galaxy Diner If you know my husband at all you'd
    know this is the spot he'd pick.  He LOVES 50's music & the
    50's diner feel.  At this place we decide that one of us will have
    to eat whatever the waitress recommends.  Don has eggs & bacon
    & sliced tomatoes instead of hash browns (south beach), Audra, a
    Belgium waffle, me?  I get the recommendation of french toast, eggs
    & bacon.  Don & Audra LOVED their
    breakfast.  Me, not so much.  It was ok.  I think I'm a
    food snob.  Don't get me wrong.  I love food.  All
    kinds.  But this?  Not so much.  Again, got some great


  • P1030901

  • The Crown Railroad Cafe Ok, surprisingly, this is
    Audra's pick.  We walk in at 6:15 & are the only people
    there.  Open up the menu to, like, 90 omelet choices.  No
    shit.  I asked the waitress what she recommends & she looks at
    me like I'm mentally deficient & says look at the menu. 
    Alrighty then.  So Audra orders the eggs Benedict special,
    scrambled eggs, not poached.  Thought the waitress was going to
    pass out.  Don gets a chroizo omelet with sliced tomatoes. 
    She's never heard of that.  I got an omelet with spinach, mushrooms
    & bacon.  Waiting for our food, we're taking photos of the
    little train that goes around the track at the top of the
    restaurant.  Very cute until some manager type comes in and tells
    the waitress to turn off the damn train.  Nice.  Again, Audra
    & Don love their food.  Me? Not so much.  It was so very
    greasy.  And Don didn't get the tomatoes.  Must have thought
    he was kidding.  I probably won't go back again.  And we took
    photos of our food, too.  The waitress thought we were crazy
    tourists...apparently, the Japanese tourists take pictures of their food
    so they can show their families how excessive Americans are. 



(the salsa was FANTASTIC)

Who knows where we'll go next week.  My turn to pick
again.  I have to say, it's been fun.  It's fun to get a
different glimpse into our lives.  Not just show the happy
moments.  These are the real moments. 

Friday, April 25, 2008


The class calendars are at the printer...finally!  Yeah! 
We'll have printed ones this afternoon.  You can click on the class schedules
tab to the right of your screen.  Click on the month that you want
& it will actually be readable.  Have a question about a
class?  Just let us know!  All of them are in the computer
& you can start signing up for them anytime.  (Especially
helpful for those fast filling All Day Crops!) 

Off to do my store chores...I'll post more's already written in my head & it's fun!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Get Happy


Loving this new paper line from Cosmo Cricket!  So fun to use!  It makes me smile....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Hope your Earth Day was a fun one!  I rode my bike to work
today...just my little contribution to making our planet better.  I
really enjoyed it, too.  It takes 13 minutes to ride from my house
to the store.  Not too shabby.  It can take that long to
drive.    Who knew the hill by my house was that BIG. 
Holy cow!  I did learn that bike helmets=bad hair day.  But it
was worth it.  I enjoyed every second of it!  I even took a
picture of my bike when I got to the store for a new "joy" book I'm
working on...only this time it's not called Little Things That Bring Me
Joy (see the November post on that book).  I'm mulling over several
titles.  I'll keep you posted & I'll share some photos soon.

In celebration of Earth Day, Beanpod Candles has come up with a great
deal for you.  Buy one of the three Earth Day scents:  Bonsai
Tree, Earthly Embrace & Eucalyptus Lavender in a special jar &
you'll receive a 4.5 ounce jar of any scent you like for FREE (an $8
value, while supplies last).  Their candles are very earth
friendly...they're made from soybeans, not petroleum...they consume
themselves as they burn...they are made in the USA...and they smell

We've been franticly checking in new products for you...just as soon as
we get them checked in, our cute UPS dude shows up with more.  It's a
little like Christmas morning every day....exciting, fun &
exhausting!  You'll have to stop in to see all the new stuff. You won't
be disappointed!

In case you didn't get the Wednesday sale email, scrapbooks & page protectors are 25% off 4/23/08. 

See you soon!

Monday, April 21, 2008

April Page Contest Entries


Stop by the store to vote for your favorite entry.  Voting
begins today & ends the last day of the month.   Winners
will be announced May 1st & receive a $20 gift certificate &
will be in a calendar available in December.  May's theme is
Mother's Day...start working on your entries today!


Stumbled upon this blog this
morning (via Ali Edward's blog).  Karen has the most amazing
photography I've ever seen.  About 1/2 way down the page is info
for an online photography class she's teaching in June. 
Registration opens up May 1st.  I'm sure it'll sell out fast. 
I SO want to take this class.  I may have to set the alarm on my
phone to go off so I can register.  Check out her photography &
you'll see why.  Anyone want to take it with me? 

Friday, April 18, 2008

Upcoming Events

Here's a quick list of what's coming up...give us a call at 928-526-9292 to sign up now:

Sunday, April 20th, 4 hour crop $5 noon to 4 pm

Tuesday, April 22nd, Tool Time-Punches $10 6 pm to 7 pm

Wednesday, April 23rd, Pleased to Greet You card class $20 6 pm to 8:30 pm (cards are up at the store)

Thursday, April 24th, Nature's Beauty Happy Hour $10 noon to 1 pm

Friday, April 25th Midnight Madness $10 6 pm to midnight

Saturday, April 26th All Day Crop $25 8 am to 8 pm

Wednesday, April 30th, Fast & Easy Pages $25 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Friday, May 2nd Midnight Madness $10 6 pm to midnight

Saturday, May 3rd National Scrapbook Day All Day Crop $25 8 am to 8 pm

We have some great classes planned for May through August. 
We're finalizing the printed schedule & should have it available
next week!   And you won't want to miss out on the National
Scrapbook Day Crop!  We'll be unveiling brand new limited edition
alphabets from QuicKutz that will knock your socks off!  All Day
Croppers that day get first dibs on the new sets....they're so secret I
can't even reveal them until May 3rd...but trust me, they are

(FYI:  crops & midnight madnesses are going to be limited to
16 people now & spaces fill up fast.  Make sure to sign up
early to reserve your spot!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Thursday!

The post below has nothing to to with scrapbooking....but it's fun
all the same!  Check out Kelly's Baoglita's Open House for a super
fun time!  She's really sweet & the bags are really cute!

And after Kelly's party, stop by the store to check out our fabulous
new products!  There is a TON.  Oh my!  New:  Basic
Grey, Glitz Designs, Bo Bunny, Sandy Lion, Tinkering Ink, Petaloo, Rusty
Pickle, really, the list goes on & on!  And they are
FABULOUS!  See you soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Page Contest

Just a quick reminder that page contest entries are due by April
20th.  This month the theme is spring.  It can be a spring in
your step, spring flowers, anything really that has to do with the word
spring.  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rock On

Today was a day for working on fun stuff at the store.  I've
been meaning to make a mini book of our trip to the Tempe Music Festival
for quite some time.  I was planning on making this 5x7ish Raw
Goods chipboard album from We R Memory Keepers.  That is, until I
realized that our passes wouldn't fit in the pages.  Then it struck
me that it would be so cool to have the passes be the covers of the
album.  So I cut some paper, added a ring & wah lah, a super
cute mini book is born!


Loving the Art Institute Glass glitter...I used red today. 
Tomorrow I'm working on a project with silver, I think.  LOVE that

Bridget's daughter, DeAnna, had her birthday party at the store
yesterday.  She turned 13.  DeAnna & her mom worked so
hard for this party.  DeAnna made her own invitations
(butterflies), goodie bags (huge bags with flowers & butterflies
stamped on them), and these AMAZING cupcakes:


FYI...the way to my heart is paved with cupcakes & these ones were HUGE!  At least 2 cupcakes worth.  Yummy!

And Saturday night we had our second teen night (4th-6th
graders).  It was so much fun!  I love that age! 
 We made our world revolves around me books.  Talked about
boys (still gross).  Ate tons of Pappa John's Pizza.  Watched
The Princess Diaries 2.  Ate entriely too many yummy gummy
things.  And the popcorn....yum!  Really, it was the best
time!  Here's messy, messy her brand new birthday
clothes...her mom's gonna kill me.  I don't think I've ever seen
that much paint on someones hands.  Did she use a brush at all?


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photo Projects

By now you all know how passionate I am about getting my photos out of boxes & into albums.  You can read a previous post here. 
Well, apparantly, I've inspired lots of people to get their photos into
albums and I can't tell you how FANTASTIC that makes me feel!  I
would love to see photos of your completed (or mostly completed)
projects...and photos of the before would be great, too!  Just send
them to me with a blurb about your project & I'll post them
here.  I can't wait to share feedback with you!  What people
are telling me in the store is that they feel liberated.  Out from a
pile that had been holding them back.  Caught up.  Yep,
caught up.  When have you ever uttered those words?  And you
know, this project even inspired one of my reps to get her photos in
order.  She reps somewhere around 20 manufacturers and she chose to
use the same We R Memory Keepers albums & pages that I used. 
They're that awesome.  Here's a link to Kristan's post about her project.  Truly, this makes scrapbooking do-ableNot overwhelming.  And most of all, it makes it fun again!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

12 on the 12th

My friend Audra is working on a project 12 on the take 12
photos every month on the 12th day of the month & then make a
layout.  You take photos of everyday things & journal.  So
this morning Audra brought her camera on our walk and then to breakfast
at Macy's.  Here are a few of the fun photos we took:


The skinniest I've ever looked....LOVE this photo!


The stained glass sky lite reflected in my coffee at Macy's...How cool is that?!


Audra test riding a bike down the aisles of Target...good thing it was early!

What did you do on the 12th?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beat The Heat Shop for EVERYONE!

I'm sure by now you all know it's Beat the Heat Shop Hop time! There is still time to buy your passports for $5 & t-shirts for $14.99.
The passport entitles you to a 15% discount every time you shop at a
participating store from April 10-26th.  Wear the t-shirt &
you'll get 20% off!  There are tons of prizes if you visit all 13
participating stores.  Many stores, ours included, have door prizes
for the Shop Hoppers.  We have two big baskets filled to the brim
with exciting new products!  And today we put out cookies,
chocolate & chips for the Shop never know what we'll
put out for you...something yummy, for sure!

We have special hours, open to everyone, during the Shop Hop.  We'll be open:

Monday through Friday 10-6 (doors are open until 8 pm on Midnight Madness Friday nights)
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 12-4

Sunday, April 20th, we're having a special 4 hour crop & we'd love to
have you!  It's just $5 & is limited to 12 participants. 
Call the store or stop by to sign up...what a fun way to spend your


I've never met a book I didn't like.  And these are no
exception.  However, I find that I bought so many books that during
the Shop Hop (April 10-26...the dates have been extended) that select
books & magazines are 40% off!  Show us your Shop Hop Passport
& you'll get 50% off the titles in the photo below:


And to welcome all those Shop Hoppers (and our regular customers,
too!) we've added a ton of stuff to the clearance won't want
to miss out on 50% off cards, rub ons, Heidi Swapp, flowers, & MORE!

And here's a peek at some of the new things that have been arriving (I'll post even more later):


This is a cute little scrapbook called "About A Girl".  Perfect for those tweens in your life!


tons (literally) of paint from Kaiser Craft


beautiful glass glitter from Art Institute Glitter...and the metal tips are in, too!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Tuesday


Check out our new Die Cuts with a View baby papers...super
CUTE!  This is my little nephew, AJ.  My mom made this page
this morning.  You'll have to check it out at the's
sewn, which is super cute!  You can easily re-create it without the
sewing on it, promise!

The Beat the Heat Shop Hop
starts this weekend!  If you don't have your passport, stop in
& pick one up.  You'll get a 15% discount at any participating
store during the 10 day event.  So, even if you don't plan to go to
one of the other stores, you'll still get 15% off at our store during
that time.  So worth it!  During the Hop, we'll be open Monday
through Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 12-4.  Yep, we'll be
open for two Sundays in April!  And beginning next week, we'll be
open again on Monday's, too! 

The Beanpod candles are such a hit with our customers!  You'll
definately want to check out this weeks featured scent....Oatmeal
Cookie.  So yummy & 20% off until Saturday! 

We're busily putting out all sorts of new products today...Jenni
Bowlin, Creative Imaginations (super fun shark brads!), Creating
Keepsakes (Fabric Scrapbooking!), Cosmo Cricket (Blackboard!), Fancy
Pants (Acrylic Bracket Books!), Rusty Pickle (paper!), Scrap Works
(paper & acrylic books!), and really, so much more!  Can you
tell I'm SUPER excited about the new stuff?  Oh my, you're going to

Congratulations to the following door prize winners:

Linda Shand is the winner of the FREE Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat.  Thanks to Jackie & Robin for donating this FABULOUS prize!

Carolyn Smith is the winner of the Bagolita's mini purse.  Thanks to Kelly Miller for donating this super cute bag!

Other prize winners are:  Roni Hyndman, Carolyn Smith, Carol
Harvey, Jamie Gustafson, Doris Parker, Kathy Simmons, Jen Hayes, Heather
Kamin, Yolanda Charbolis, Deborah Lesley, Ashley, Dunn! 
Congratulations Ladies!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

"All Stars" in my book

So I taught two classes at the All Star Retreat in Williams last
night.  All Stars is a leadership group for kids.  I think
they have to be nominated by a teacher to attend.  I had two
classes of about 16 teenagers each.  Each class had several boys in
it, which I was surprised (and pleased) about.  Even more
surprising...when it was over, a couple of the boys wanted to stay for
the 2nd cool is that?!  They had a BLAST!  They
were the funniest group of kids!  I just really enjoyed
their company.  They were all giggly & well, just FUN!  We
made the Little Things That Bring Me Joy book...just the "bones" of it,
actually...and they just got it.  I love it when you can
see the wheels start turning & they get it.  And I heard, "my
mom is in your store, like, every day!" from quite a few of them. 
"Do you know my 4H leader, Nola?"  Why yes I do.  "Do you know
my mom?"  Yep, her, too!  It was very cool.  And Bridget's son (she works for me) Zach was a "helper" and he was funny as can be (he is so
his mother's son!).  He has quite a way with the ladies, let me
tell you.  And he knows how to work that paper trimmer!


Shhhh, I'm off to devour a pan of brownies that Kendall just
made.  Gotta get my energy up for the last day of our No Foolin'
Sale tomorrow!  See you soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tool Time & Technique Tuesdays

Next Tuesday 4/8 is Sharon's Technique class and she'll be teaching
Elegant Embossing.  Class is only $10 & is from 6 pm to 7
pm.  You'll learn how to use embossing powders & heat tools in
fun creative ways! 

Sharon's Tool Time classes are pretty fun, too!  This month, she'll be showcasing punches. 


A quick note about the Technique Tuesdays & the Tool Time classes:  these are technique classes
You may or may not have a completed project at the end.  BUT you
will leave with a fantastic understanding of the items being

Private Parties

I love private parties at the store.  Even away from the
store.  Yesterday, we booked a ton of them...VERY exciting!  I
love that I can create a project for a small group of people...or not
so small...I'd love to do this for YOU!  So here's what we have
going, so you can get an idea of just some of the things we can do:

  • Tonight I'm teaching 40 high school kids how to create the
    Little Things That Bring Me Joy book.  They are All Star Kids at a
    special retreat.  They have high grades & great attitudes &
    just deserve the retreat so much!  I can't wait!

  • This sweet little Girl Scout, Jocelyn, came in yesterday &
    wanted to know if I'd teach a few of her friends to scrapbook at this
    little event she was throwing to earn her Bronze badge.  Of course I
    said yes...and then I asked how many.  Only 50.  Only. 
    Actually, I love that!  And I love that I will have Girl Scouts as

  • This cool kid named Nicole has been so excited about having her
    birthday party here ever since she found out we do them.  She can't
    wait!  Neither can I :)

  • Some fabulous Red Hatters are coming to make the Little Things That
    Bring Me Joy book, too.  I underestimated the popularity of that
    little book.  It is so fun!  And I am so glad to be teaching
    it so much! 

  • Some moms from Williams booked a Midnight Madness in May, all to themselves.

  • We have 10 fifth graders from the reservation coming to take the Teen Night Class on a Friday night.

  • Sweet Deanna is having her birthday party at the store, too! 
    She picked out a super cute picture frame project....and we're going to
    make butterflies, too! 

So now you might be wondering how YOU can have a get together at the
store...or have us come to you!  Our parties are desinged with YOU
in mind.  We'll get a feel for what you want to do & create a
project just for YOU!  We charge by the person, depending on the
project.  Private parties require 5 people or more.  A private
midnight madness requires a minimum of 10.  We do all the prep
work & clean up.  You provide the guests & snacks. 
It's that simple!   

A little Wednesday Chaos

Why don't I ever think to get a camera when the shit hits the
fan?  Because, really, right now it's pretty funny.  And
really, I'd love to scrapbook it.  The mess?  Well, lets say
it was incredible!  Yesterday I get a phone call from my hysterical
daughter screaming that the water heater exploded & she tried
calling her uncle (my very handy brother) & he wouldn't answer &
"mommy, there is water EVERYWHERE".  So I jump in my car &
dash home...while calling my dad to help out...and my husband, who's at
work.  You see, I am pretty worthless in the mechanical workings of
things but I sure can dial a phone.  Anyway, my husband is at work
but has to find someone to take the prisoner in his car to the jail for
him before he can come home (for those who don't know, he's a police
officer).  He told me to turn off the water at the street. 
Ok, we're lucky I even know where the water meter is.  So I get
home, turn off the water and rush into the house.  My basement
bathroom is filled with at least 2 inches of hot water.  And
Kendall, bless her little heart, had taken ALL of the dirty laundry
& thrown it all over the bathroom floor to soak up the water. 
(this is where the camera comes in).  It was a HUGE mess. 
There was ALOT of dirty laundry.  So without going into the boring
clean up details, it got cleaned up.  I came back to work. 
And the water heater?  Well, it didn't explode.  The shut off
valve went off & since my sweet hubby forgot to attach the drain
pipe to it when he replaced it last month, the water went
EVERYWHERE.  And now it's all peaceful at my house again. 

And last week?  Kendall & I got locked in the garage....Really, I've got to remember to pull out that camera!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Foolin' Sale

It's no joke! Our No Foolin' It's ALL on Sale Sale begins this Thursday, April 3rd.  But lucky you!  As a preferred customer
you can take advantage of sale prices begininng Wednesday, April 2nd
from 4pm to 7pm!  We'll have door prizes, munchies, extended hours
& excellent deals for you, plus, bring along your 10% off punch card coupons & save even more!  Don't miss out on this exciting sale!

*sale is limited to stock on hand and cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

We'll have extended hours for the sale, too!

9 am to 7 pm Wednesday, April 2nd
9 am to 7 pm Thursday, April 3rd      
9 am to 7 pm Friday, April 4th          
9 am to 5 pm Saturday, April 5th      

Your 10% off coupons will be worth:

40% off the regular price of any single item on Wednesday

30% off the regular price of any single item on Thursday

25% off the regular price of any single item on Friday & Saturday

Oh, and the prizes?  Well, they're pretty spectacular!  We
just got a purse from Kelly Miller's Bagolita's darn
cute!  And we have a Zoe & Lemonade alphabet from
QuicKutz.  Plus, we have 3 bags filled to the gills with fun
stuff...and other prizes, too!  And purchases over $75 receive an
entry into a drawing for a FREE Sedona Scrapbooking

See you soon!

Beat The Heat Shop Hop

Don't forget to sign up for the Beat the Heat Shop Hop while you're
here during the No Foolin' Sale!  Even if you don't plan to visit
all 13 stores, your passport entitles you to a 15% discount at any store
listed!  Wear the Shop Hop T Shirt & you're discount goes up
to 20% during the Hop!  Plus, we have a goodie bag to give you when
you register!  Really, you can't beat the deal!


You won't want to miss the "Beat The Heat Shop Hop" taking place across Arizona April 10-20th, 2008! 

We are pleased to announce that we are one of 13 stores in Arizona taking part in the Beat The Heat
Shop Hop! From April 10 - April 20, you will have an opportunity to
save up to 20% off your purchases at each of the participating stores.
Here's how you can save:

Purchase a Beat The Heat Shop Hop
Passport and receive 15% off your purchases. Purchase a Beat The Heat
T-shirt and receive an additional 5% off your purchases. You must
present your passport at each store and be wearing your T-shirt to
receive the discount. We have order forms for both of these items in our
store now. Be one of the first 15 people to purchase both and receive a
free goodie bag. Pick up an order form at the store or download and
print the form from this link ->
From that home page click on the link at the top of the page that says
Passport Registration Form. Bring it to the store ASAP to be receive a
free goodie bag.


The above link will also provide
you with driving directions to each of the 14 stores and will enable you
to map a route to take once you indicate which stores you want to

We have some special events going on at the store during that time just for the shop hoppers so don't miss out! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Calendar

Click on the calendar to view larger....samples are all up at the store...stop by to check them out!  And here's the link for some photos of the classes