Thursday, March 20, 2008

Need your input

Sherry & I are starting to work on the next class schedule, which
will be for classes in May through August.  I think it's so cool
to have such an overview of what's coming up!  Keeps us on our toes
& we know what to plan for.  It also gives us a snapshot of
what works & what doesn't so we can adjust.  One of the things
we need to plan for are the summer kids classes.  I stumbled across
a really cool idea the other day & was wondering what you all
thought of it.  It's for a summer camp for kids.  We've always
offered kids classes in the summertime...they make cards, paper bag
books, pipe cleaner animals, wall art, etc...and the classes are usually
1 1/2 to 2 hours.  You sign up for classes individually.  The
idea I saw is to have a week long summer camp that runs, say 4 hours in
the afternoons for 5 days.  There is an album camp where the kids
make a 20 page complete scrapbook and a project camp where they make
things to decorate their rooms...home decor type of stuff.  The
camps would be 20 hours in a week, for 9-16 year old girls.  They
charged $175 for each camp, which included all the supplies but glue
(funny thing to leave out).  So, what do you think?  Is this
something your kids would be interested in?   My initial
reaction was that it should be for 8-12 year olds, but what do you
think?  What about the price?  What about it being a full
week?  (I have a lot of "what about..."). 

What other classes would you like to see?  We truly want to
offer classes that you want to take.  Your input is VERY
valuable!  So valuable, in fact, that I will have a drawing out of
the comments received on this post & give away a fun prize! 
So, in order to be in the drawing, you have to leave a comment on the
post (just click on the comments tab under the post & it'll tell you
what to do).  I'll hold the drawing on Tuesday, March 25th at
11:00 am.  I'll post the winner here.

Do any of these appeal to you?  What classes would you like to see?

  • Saturday Crops

  • Kids Crops...when?

  • More technique driven classes

  • Home decor

  • Birthday Party classes

  • Complete an entire album classes...what themes?

  • Cards

  • Single page classes

  • Simple pages

  • Kids camps (mentioned in the post above)

  • Mom & Me crops & classes.

  • Party planning

  • What days/times would you like classes to be held?

  • Are you interested in card swaps?

And while I'm at it:

  • What hours would you like the store to be open? 

  • What days of the week would you like us to be open?

  • Would you like us to stay open later one night a week?  What night?

  • Would you be interested in a fundraiser open house for your school,
    church, troop, or other non profit group?  (email me privately on
    this one at

I know.  It's a lot to take in & a long post.  Your input is so important!   Have a great day!


  1. I would love a home decor type class, and albums in a day are super!
    Possible themes: Flowers, Trees in bloom, What I see around me - maybe
    even a photo scavenger hunt then return to the store and scrap the
    outcome. Love the idea of a party planning class - always looking for
    the next great ideas!

  2. I like the Saturday crops being scheduled so far in advance and being
    the last Saturday of the month - allows me to plan for it.
    A party planning class would be great - cute and easy placecards, buffet
    cards, invites, napkin rolls - like all the stuff that is available for
    weddings, but with a summer, BBQ, 4th of July theme.
    I love the finished project classes (or mostly finished)such as mini
    books, cards, etc... especially when they incorporate the more
    overwhelming techniques like clear acrylic albums, the "Sherry" book,
    I love the store being open during evening classes for non-participants.

  3. I love the Fast and Easy Page Layouts on wednesday evenings. I also
    like how you determine the schedule a couple months at a time so that I
    can plan my schedule out. I think it would be fun if midnight madness
    went to 1 or 2 a.m. (but then, it wouldn't be midnight madness, would
    it?). Now, that I said that, I would really pay for staying up until 2
    in the morning, but I always feel like midnight comes so fast.
    I like the store days just fine. It might be nice for the store to open
    until 7 on wednesdays (sale days), but this might be accomplished with
    planning your class schedule.

  4. My favorite are the fast and easy type classes (I actually don't care so
    much if it's fast or particularly easy) the part I like is taking home
    2-3 layout ideas (whether or not I finish while I'm there I really don't
    mind because it gives me a direction to go in when I'm not feeling
    particularly creative at home). I think it would be fun to include more
    techniques into them too, I would love ideas how to incorporate
    stamping on my page, or creative ways to use chipboard, glitter, vellum,
    3D elements that sort of thing. It's always fun to try a technique for
    the first time or a new way at a class so it's not as intimidating.
    When you realize how easy it is or how good it looks then you want to
    use it again and again (and buy up all the supplies at the store to do
    I LOVE the idea of at least one day a week being open later whether
    there are classes or not (like you do on Fridays with Midnight
    madness)'s great that you do this when you have classes scheduled
    but since the classes sometimes become cancelled it's hard to count on
    that. I like the idea of it being on Wednesday sale day since I often
    have to miss the sales because of work....I've found myself wishing
    before you were open til six on Saturdays as well (I know I know you
    want a weekend too! It's just hard to get out there sometimes in the
    morning and after naptime you guys are already closed). I am also a
    HUGE fan of Saturday all day crops love them!!!

  5. ummm, so since i don't live or work there anymore, my post doesn't
    count, but just wanted to say hi! i love seeing the store change and am
    jealous i can't be a part of it anymore.
    miss you!

  6. I haven't taken any classes to date (though have wanted to) due to a
    couple of limiting factors, but a "Mom and Me" class for the 8-12 year
    old set would be tempting.
    How does a card swap work? That sounds fun.
    I think your hours are good.
    Technique type classes are appealing, especially for things that are not
    easily self-taught.

  7. Kind of an offbeat comment but this is a good a place as any to post
    I went down to the Valley this weekend and my sister took me to three
    scrapbook stores. As a very loyal AMM customer, I was hesitant to go
    anywhere else. I was amazed to see how Kirsten has managed to pick the
    best of all the products out there! Granted, there is no limit to the
    amount of scrapbook materials you can find, but Kirsten's knack for
    having the latest and greatest paper, tools & embellishments is
    truly amazing when I saw ALL that was available. Items that have
    already come and gone at AMM are still for sale at full price at other
    Also, our class offerings & crop prices were much, much better than
    these bigger stores.
    AMM may not be the biggest store out there, but it is certainly the best
    and a great asset for us scrapbookers in Flagstaff. Keep up the great

  8. Hi, First want to thank you for all you do for scrapbookers up in N.
    Arizona. The store always has a great selection of the new and
    necessary items I am looking for.
    In regards to classes, really like to attend ones that include new
    techniques and new products. Also, if the Wednesday sales continue,
    would be great if the store stayed open a bit later that day, gives me
    time to come in after work. Understand that everyone needs a couple
    days off work, so staying closed on Sun/Mon works just fine.

  9. I am new to the area and exicted to try out some classes and especially
    all day Saturday crop! Do I have to pre-register for this?
    I don't know how things normally work, so maybe this is how things are
    already, but I would love Saturday crops and it would be great for me to
    have the store open late one night a week, perhaps Wednesdays.
    I would be most interested in technique classes, and I can't wait to see
    what April will hold. I want to invite my friend to come stay with me
    and attend a class (she got me into scrapbooking!) so I anxiously await
    the schedule!