Friday, March 7, 2008

Morning Deliciousness

"Daddy, Mommy's taking pictures of her oatmeal again!"  
This from my daughter today.  She shouldn't be surprised. 
I've been taking pictures of all sorts of things lately.  As a
matter of fact, I just downloaded 378 photos into iPhoto this
morning.  Granted they are from New Year's Eve until today.  A
funny thing, that has nothing to do with oatmeal, I went to do my year
in the life book for last year & realized I hadn't taken any photos
the first 3 months of the that was my take lots of
photos.  And I did.  Even more than 378.  I only
downloaded one camera.  (picture me giggling...)


Back to the oatmeal:  Well, why not take pictures of my
oatmeal?  It's so pretty...and quite delightful!  Back on the
clean living eating, as Audra calls it.  You can only eat cupcakes
for dinner so many times before the steel cut oats start calling your
name....this is actually one of my favorite breakfasts....yummy!


And here's another one from this week:  plain, non fat yogurt
with fresh granola from Macy's, almonds & drunken cherries &
Flagstaff honey.  What are drunken cherries, you might ask? 
Well...I made sangria the other day, straight from the bottle (Audra
makes it from scratch...I rely on Carlo's super cheap &
tastes yummy) and added sliced citrus fruit & a jar of maraschino
cherries.  They "marinated" in the sangria for a few days &
then I fished them out & had them with my breakfast...quite yummy!

I know, it seems kind of odd to take pictures of my food, but you
know what?  It's a part of my life.  And that's what we're
documenting when we scrapbook...our lives.  So, I challenge you to
take photos of what you would normally refer to as mundane
things....your food, your personal care products, your favorite
slippers...things that would be interesting to someone (even you) 50
years from now.  Make a quick fancy-ness needed...that
says why you like it, how much it cost, where you got it...things like
that.  I guarantee, you'll have fun & having fun sparks your
creativity for other endeavors.  Enjoy!


  1. That's funny cause I just posted a picture of cereal on my blog a few
    days ago! And my kids have been commenting about me taking pictures of
    unsual things lately, too. But I've often thought how interesting and
    cool it would be to have a glimpse into the lives of my parents' and
    grandparents' lives 50 or 100 years ago - either in the form of a diary
    or photos - and don't. So our kids may give us a hard time now, but
    really appreciate it some day!

  2. Ah, clean living . . .though there is somehting to be said for a cup of
    coffee and unfrosted cupcakes for breakfast!