Thursday, March 6, 2008

Midnight Madness Questions

Just a question....most of you know we have Midnight Madness on
Friday nights.  It's not a class with instruction, you work on your
own projects.  Your fee includes snacks, drinks & a 10%
discount on your purchase that evening.  Plus, you get croppin'
space and a night out of the house...:)  So here's the
question...what snacks would you like to see when you attend Midnight
Madness (keep in mind the fee is only $10...or $5 when you use your
punch card coupon)?  Are you a snacker?  Would you like chips
& dip?  A veggie tray?  Pizza?  Popcorn? 
Chocolate?  Do you want soda?  What kind?  Juice? 
What would you like to see?  Midnight Madness is really about you
& we want to make sure we have things you want to have.  So
email me privately at or leave a comment here.  We'll get a general consensus & go from there!  Thanks a bunch!

1 comment:

  1. Midnight Madness is about the scrapbooking and having all the product
    and tools available, getting out of the house, the chit-chat &
    socializing.... not about the snacks. For less than $1 an hour (with
    the coupon), just cleaning up my scraps and glitter is worth the prize
    of admission!