Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life...there's nothing like it....

The last few days have been, well, challenging, to say the
least.  First, my daughter is a teen...and is prone to teen temper all teens, I'm sure.  Well, Tuesday night was a
doozy.  She was acting up...and I was responding in a like
manner...very teen like...and I told her she was a brat.  She said
I'd told her that so many times that it didn't have any effect on her
anymore.  Whatever.  I asked her if she acted like a brat
& she said yes, but I wasn't allowed to point it out.  Anyway,
the whole thing escalated more than it should have & I proceeded to
take away things dear to her:  cell phone, iPod, tv, computer...all
privileges.  She informed me that they were rights & that if I
took away her rights I was making her a slave and since slavery is
illegal I'd be going to jail.  Yes, you read that right. 
Needless to say, some things have changed in my household.  Mostly,
we have to be more on top of it as parents & not let little things
slide by until they become big things....chores are a requirement, not
an option for someone who would like to earn the right to have
privileges.  Couldn't believe she came up with that.  At least
she's thinking & willing to fight to prove her point (both good
& bad).

So, we get home from the fight & what do I find?  My lovely, destructive dog Maggie has eaten my glasses.


Ah, sweet Maggie.  I yelled & sent her outside...I had to
get over being mad, mostly at myself because it's my fault I left them
where she could get them.  She is just a dog.  And probably
didn't know why I was mad.  Then I wanted to take her picture to go
with my glasses & she wouldn't look at me.  So now she was mad
at me.  Nice end to the evening.  So I had a cupcake for
dinner & went to bed.  Very adult!


So my daughter & I resumed our fight yesterday morning....which
led to much rearranging at the store....the checking in of new
stuff....just burning up my attitude problem before the store opened
(things are much better now).  Then after school, we went
to the eye doctor to order Kendall's new contacts...and while we were
there I got a temporary pair...since my glasses are unwearable.  I
forgot how much I hate contacts!  Holy moly,  I think they
actually prevent air from entering my brain....I feel just dumb when
they're I'm inhabited by aliens....take them out & I'm
fine (but can't see)...I've never made it more than 2 or 3 days before
I'm totally done with them & back to the glasses.  Maybe that's
the problem...hmmmm....

On a positive note, I can tell you that the new stuff is simply
stunning!  We got in lots of stuff from Little Yellow Bicycle (boy
& surf stuff...LOVE it!), Flair Designs (Easter & Christian),
Cropadile Big Bites (long reach eyelet setter & punch combo that
rocks!), & some other cool stuff.  Here are photos of the Flair



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  1. I missed this post a while back and just stumbled across it this morning
    while looking for something else you mentioned a while back. Sorry you
    have days and events like this in your life, but it always makes me feel
    more normal to know it happens to other people too!!! :) So thanks for