Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grand Falls

Spent the morning at Grand Falls (about 30 miles northeast of actually see the backside of the Peaks).  Most of
the year it's dry as a bone but right now it's flowing splendidly. 


It was WINDY.  So windy, in fact, that I was afraid that
MacKenzie would get blown over the edge...I thought I might get blown
over.  It was blowing the water & making it all cool &
misty...just beautiful!  Don & the kids & dogs hiked down
to the water.  I was too busy taking pictures & they got ahead
of me so I waited at the top.  Good thing, too.  They all came
back covered in mud.


This is Mia before the hike to the water:


This is Mia after:


And this is simply a cool photo from along the road to Grand Falls:


Check out Grand Falls before the water stops running.  It's really worth the trip!  The directions can be found here.

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  1. Looks to be fun. We tried Sycamore Canyon, still too snowy, and very muddy. Lots of standing water.