Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun mini books from Tinkering, Ink

So we got in these incredibly cute chipboard/acrylic books from
Tinkering, Ink.  My bunny tea pictures were a perfect excuse to use
one of them!  The pages alternate chipboard & acrylic,
although you could do it however you wish.  Here's a quick sampling
of my book (the rings still need ribbon) may or may not be an
upcoming class but will definitely be on display:


I've never used the glass glitter from Art Institute before. 
LOVED it!  I love the chunky sparkle!  And I only used one
piece of 12x12 print paper for the entire book!  Mostly the
chipboard pages are painted black or pink...there's a little
white.  And there is some ribbon & flowers.


The pink chandelier rub-on's are from Hambly Studios.  They are
so cool on the clear pages and the painted pages...just can't get enough
of them!


And I used the Hambly Studios transparency tags throughout. 
Super cute & super easy to use.  You can write on them with a
Sharpie...gotta love that!  Ooohhh, and the little bitty posies
from Doodlebug Designs are throughout the book.  They're so dainty,
I just love them!

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  1. Love the chandeliers with the glass glitter. Nice groovy little touch!
    I'll be in soon to see the completed project - and maybe buy last